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    Tamagotchi, reading, writing, music, your mom, friends, other countries, tamachat, imagining, etc.

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    1 V2-light blue with flowers
    1 V3-pink with angels
    1 V3-silver
    1 V4-orange with splotches
    1 V4-red origami
    1 V4.5-leopard
    1 V4.5-transparent green and purple
    1 V5-school
    1 V5.5-blue with purple star
    1 V6-glam rock
    1 V6-blue microphone
    1 Tama-Go, light blue
    1 Tama-Go, black
    Gotchi figures: Mametchi, Violetchi, Sebiretchi, Ichigotchi, 2 lite figures
    1 TamaWalkie-black
    1 TamaWatchi-blue
    1 Tamagotchi iD L-purple
    1 Tamagotchi P's-white
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    My least favorite is V5, not that I don't like it. It's just kind of dull compared to the others.
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    Shimashimatchi, Memetchi, Meloditchi
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  1. you're such a dork omgg

  2. what sasssssssss--tht profile doe #yesboredandTTwhylyfeTHINGKENOFJADEN


  4. Happy Easter!! I love that Melodytchi. I think for Easter, I'm going to have dinner at home with my mom. cx
  5. uhh this girl in my art class not happened like dat before
  6. *stalks everyone's prom pics on fb*

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    2. Midorime


      Never went to prom. Went to Europe instead. XD

    3. TamagalTamatalk


      Amat, I swear you are the best at stalking *Notes to self: Do NOT put prom pics on fb in 5 years time, Amat will stalk them*

    4. Amat Gotchi

      Amat Gotchi

      mido im envying u

  7. It's prom night. Yay. Think I'll watch a few TV shows and study Psychology.