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    Tamagotchi's (durr :P), Drawing, ROBLOX,Spelling e.e, anime, Host Club, Highschool of the dead, and thats all :l Heres a sad tama story 3; SO...I've been taking my tamagotchi v4.5 and my v6 with me to middle school for about 4 weeks. My v4.5, Addie was doing okay. perfectly fine after lunch. I went to A.O.I (a class where we talk about whats going on in the world e.e), Addie was fine then too. I checked his hunger and happiness, Still fine. I slipped him in my hoodie pocket and went to Geography. I copied some exam notes. I took Addie out to check on him. I Gasped so loud EVERYONE heard and stared. I screeched and suprisingly...started tearing up 3: Addie was a little angel floating in the sky. That v4.5 had SIX generations. And now their lost. All of his special items were gone too. Isn't that what happens when one part of the generation dies? Everything goes with it? Well, I couldnt get over what happened to my v4.5. PLUS that v4.5 was my very first tama EVER! I got him in the christmas of 2006. That WHOLE generation ended. It was quite an episode for me. I soon got over it and continued with my v4.5. I restarted the whole generation with another baby boy. Just like Addie. :3

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    Male: Ura Togetchi. Female: Ura Violetchi
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    I have two V4.5's, Two V6 Music Stars, And one v5 Familichi. I'm hoping to get a TAMAGO :3 I've been playing with my tamas since the beginning of first grade...and now im in 8th...Wow..Thats quite a long time. o.o My oldest is my rainbow puzzle skinned v4.5.

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  1. My friend just gave me a clear green v4.5. Now i have 3. :D

  2. Oh my gosh you love roblox!!!! Add me!!!! it's skyler2233

  3. My Generation 1 kujakutchi's happiness meter went all the way down. He refuses to play games. I've tried connecting him with my other v4.5 female zouritchi,But it doesn't make him anyway happier! I NEED HELP!!! URGENT!! D: