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  1. Got sniped yesterday on eBay for a tamagotchi morino -.- but it's ok I bought one for 31$ and then bought a pink tamagotchi angel for 29$ so I get to expect those in the mail! ^_^

  2. For the 4U does anyone discipline their tamagotchis when they refuse to eat?

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Tamaloveridl15436


      Alright I'll start doing that cause it's really starting to irritate me

    3. MametchiWarrior


      I BEAT 'EM! But seriously, I don't have a 4U....

    4. KawaiiAwesome:3


      been there done that

  3. If you're thinking about buying a 4u+ the cheapest place to buy it from is hobby link Japan. They sell them for about 43$. Then it's about 53$ if you expedite it. It's a better deal than spending 70$+ at other websites. And I like the P's more because you can patch it to english and all the adult characters you can get. But the 4U+ is just more exciting because there are a lot of new things to play with but like Nayatchi said its better with an NFC capable device which could get pricey. So I say you should get the P's for now and then work up to a 4U+
  4. Does anyone know of a good cheap NFC phone I can buy?

  5. Gonna be a pain getting the hexagon letters ;-;

  6. My iD melody land and Hexagon came in today! So excited to start playing!!!

  7. Public Service Announcement: there is a used tama iDL 15th anniversary version for 27$ on eBay

  8. I've never been so disturbed in my life... I got the really fat version of Lovelitchi on my 4U

  9. Just pre ordered a rose pink 4U+ on hobby link Japan! They have it a lot cheaper there than yesasia!

    1. ~SkrillexGotchi~
    2. LittleChocoWolf


      Yeah HLJ has good prices!!

    3. Eternal Mametchi Fan

      Eternal Mametchi Fan

      Cool! I preordered baby pink. I was going to get rose pink but then I remembered one of my Tamagotchi Friends is the same color.

  10. For those of you who want the download to change the screen color of your P's heres the link. Just right click and hit save picture as, then beam it to your tamagotchi http://t.co/cBeBrAzfOK

    1. Rukitchi


      yAy this is so cool

  11. A big thank you to Mr. Blinky for the new LCD changing file for the tama P's!! It's awesome!

    1. Rukitchi


      whats that

    2. Tamaloveridl15436


      It's a hack to change the color of the screen for the tamagotchi P's

    3. Rukitchi


      how do you download it?

  12. Ok so here's an update on what happened, I ended up ordering a tamagotchi+color hexagontchi version and then an ID melody crown version ^_^

  13. Can someone post the translation or the word for curry rice for the tama 4u? I'm trying to get Spacytchi and I saw you have to eat curry rice 5 times and I have no idea which food item is curry rice.
  14. My princess Spacy came in today! ^_^

    1. ~SkrillexGotchi~


      Congrats! Hope you enjoy it!

  15. I'll start with the order they go in, and anyone please correct me if I mess up anywhere It goes; +color, ID, ID L, P's, then the 4U Then of course you have your special edition versions for each version, there is an English version of the ID L, however it is usually around 100$ so it's your choice if you wanna buy it. In my opinion I like the 4u better just because of the graphics, but the downside of the 4u is that it only has 10 adult characters and does not use infrared connection. If you want a color tamagotchi in English I suggest getting a Tamagotchi P's because you can easily patch it with English translations. Which to do that you would need a phone or USB with infrared connection in order to transfer the files which there are many videos on how to do it! the P's is a good one to start out with because you could also download games and many other things onto it like the ID L. Also a fun part about the P's is that it has these deco pierces that you can put on them for special effects to add games, characters, wallpapers and etc... Also you can easily get a bundle of a tamagotchi P's and a deco pierce for around 40$ on Amazon and it's totally worth it. I'm sorry if I'm a bit all over the place in my answer, I tried to answer as best as I could haha. Lemme know if I can be any more of help!