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  1. Hey guys! Once my 4U Plus arrives next week, I want to make faceplates. I am so excited, I have been waiting to get one for like a year now. Anyways, I was wondering what you call the tiny items you put in the resin? That sounds so stupid but I can't think of what they'd be called. Is it just 3d nail art decorations? Or what? Thanks in advance for your help!
  2. i want a Devilgotch so baaaaad. One day... u___u

  3. Hello every one! It's been sooo long since I've posted on this site, and I... used (?) to have a Tama Log... I think? Whatever, it doesn't matter, because I am here to make a new one! It will only be featuring my Japanese Color Tamagotchi's. And, unfortunately, I won't be starting the log out with babies... orz Oh well! Now, without further adieu... Here we have Knighttchi! Gen 2 2 Years 97 g (oops... He let himself go! He's a chubby little boy in a suit of armor... what else could you ask for?~ <3) 1 Piece My little Knight is a very good boy! He loooves to do the right thing, though sometimes his view of what is right is... not so right. He just needs gentle correction, or else he'll cry because, *whispers, looking around* he's a little bit of a cry baby. "Hey! I heard that!!" ... Whoops. Next is Moriritchi! Gen 2 2 Years 95 g (... okay so I was a little busy recently...) 1 Happy Piece Riri is a good girl. She loves fluffy things, especially stuffed animals. She enjoys dressing them up and taking them with her to the park. She one days hopes to own a spa! Flowertchi is last~ Gen 2 2 Years 60 g 1 Happy Piece Flower has quite the temper. She's a little princess, and if she isn't treated as such, she'll throw a huuuuuge temper tantrum, so it's best to smile and agree with her. She wishes to run a flower shop of her own someday, perhaps when she's had children?~ Today was a really slow day. I woke up late to the sounds of very unhappy Tamas, and low and behold, there were three sick adults waiting for me to wake up. Oops! The three of us have spent most of the day in bed, watching the X Files (Knight gets scared during the show, but he still watches with us, that silly boy ^u^ ) We went out and did a few errands, during which they all behaved very well! Flower and Riri visited each other today. They played a game and Riri won, causing Flower to have a huge fit. That was quickly subsided when I took her out to have some ice cream! It was raining all day today for the Tamas, and it looked like it was going to rain here as well, but alas, it did not. I like rain, so I was sad that it didn't. Now I am here, watching my boyfriend play Destiny and playing with the Tamas. They're such good little creatures~ ... Except when they poop all over the floor. Then they are not good.
  4. Eyy I found / remembered my old account!! Yay happy days~

  5. I dunno if I want to get two Tama Friends, an iD L or another P's. :c

    1. Eternal Mametchi Fan

      Eternal Mametchi Fan

      Probably not another P's, it's fun to have something new. An iD L perhaps? It has a lot of features and characters, and can connect to P's o3o

    2. SailorRosette


      I have 3 tama friends... The pairing helps unlock the games faster, not to mention you can send jewels over to one and collect all before the other.

    3. Fruiit Pawnch

      Fruiit Pawnch

      Bah, I think I'll go with getting an iD L. x_x I'd rather have one of those than two Friends the more I think about it. (And I found an awesome deal on eBay eheh)

  6. Question for anyone who got a Tamagotchi P's SET: Does it also come with the normal pierce plug (the heart)? I assume it does but I wanna be sure :3

  7. Do I want an iD L or a P's. These are the important questions in life...

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    2. amykola


      my vote is for the P's, but the iD L is pretty great too OuO

    3. LittleChocoWolf


      I want the Ps but than again, I have an ID L. ID L Anniversary goes for more money than the ID L and P's so its all about how much you want to pay

    4. Kait


      P's = enhanced ID L (couple of bonus features). If those aren't important, you should honestly choose based off of characters :3 They're each amazing + would recommend.