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  1. No I know where to find it but it is not there.
  2. PLEASE HELP OR COMMENT! I made a new room but downloaded 5 before and now the room comes to the shop but I can't see it there!
  3. Hi, I downloaded 3 letters(mails) to my iD and if I download next letter it come to POSTBOX(?). So I look and want to see my own made letter but there still the 3 letters. I tried it like 5 times and doesn't work. How can I erase some? Coz I made a letter with Lady GaGa picture I made in GIMP2.
  4. I have windows 7 on my laptop but we have a computer too and it worked there 2 years ago. I forget how to use it but know again! Thanks for the downtload site!!!!
  5. I have USB to IRDA but it is old and it doesn't work for new computer.
  6. Hello we just have an iDL and I want to see Kuchipatchi in his new cute form Patchizaurusu! Kuchipatchi is so cute and I need his brand new form. But here the big evil problem comes! I don't live in Japan and I don't have a cellphone which uses IRDA. PLEASE HELP! Thank you Robpatchi
  7. I love Otokitchi
  8. Oh really? It doesn't matter.
  9. I think Masktchi is female...isn't it?
  10. And I hate Kurokotchi, Wooltchi, Bill, and Kuishinbotchi
  11. By the way I like Otokitchi so much and paparatchi too!
  12. I don't want to insult someone. I took tamagotchis who are most said to be ugly so...just vote and don't be sad if I took your fave.
  13. Thank you I seen Kuchipatchi of thruth now!
  14. Please I love Kuchipatchi and need to watch Tamagotchi! episode 90. Where can I?