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    I'm Stacey, but most call me Mookie.
    I live in Newcastle, England and no we aren't all like those morons on Geordie Shore.
    I'm a student and am currently studying my Masters degree in Psychological research.
    I work as a support worker, mainly in mental health settings.

    I love my tamagotchis, video games, reading (especially horror), comics, cross-stitch and other things.
    Ummm. I think that's about it. Don't really have much interesting going on :)

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  1. Samsung Galaxy Alpha. I had a look around the net and some people have said that their's has worked so thought it would for mine.
  2. Hey, I've been away for quite a while so sorry if this has already been covered. Everytime I try to connection my 4U with the app it seems to connect but a) the screen doesn't smaller and a house keeps popping up with different characters saying stuff? Since it's in Japanese I don't really know what's going on and I couldn't find a video or post which describes the same thing. Can anyone tell me what I'm doing wrong?
  3. I always take at least one with me unless I'm travelling for 'professional' reasons in which case I leave them at home. Only ever had one opportunity to take them on holiday with me and I just took them in my carry-on bag. The only I time I had to take them out was in security and since they were put in those boxes to go through the x-rays they didn't get damaged. I think people think they'll be more bother to take with you than they are but I didn't have any bother, although I was travelling within the EU so I don't know if that makes a difference.
  4. I see them pop up on eBay from time to time, you could try setting an alert so you get an email with what new tamagotchi-related stuff is put up each day. That's how I spot them
  5. Do my research work or lie in bed all day with my Tamas and a book? Ends up being the latter every time >.

    1. Myiko


      we are all like that don't worry lol

    2. Awkwardo


      Know this feeling so well.

  6. We don't have librarians :3 It's self service so the only people you have to worry about is the other students, and I think they're more bothered about the take-away smells and deadlines
  7. As Myiko said it does affect you playing with the tamagotchi. If you can afford it just get another one, it helps a lot if you want to get all the jewellery pieces and characters.
  8. Some people believe that they affect the gender you get, others don't. It's been a while since I checked up on that so it might have been decided whether or not it's true by now.
  9. I always take mine to university too! They're good company for those long library sessions right? But I think that's a bit different to school :3
  10. I thought it was depending on which shell you got. The sound on my blue dalmatian shell was fine, maybe a little quiet, the sound on my white leopard print one grinds my nerves it's so awful.
  11. Should have gotten up when I heard that knock on the door. Seems it was likely my 4U arriving >.

    1. Carleesi
    2. PoisonMookie


      Oh well. Had a bit extra money so cheered myself up by ordering another new Tama :3

  12. I work in hospitals and we aren't really supposed to have anything non-work related on the floor. Luckily most of the hospitals aren't that fussed as long as you don't cause trouble so unless I'm working an extra long shift I generally have to put mine in a plastic glove, in my scrubs pocket. Then I just get it out when I'm on my own somewhere in the ward or in the bathroom to give it a quick check. It's worked so far but I haven't chanced taking some of my needier pets in. If people ask I usually just tell them it's a little clock I use for observations etc and they accept it. Where there's a will there's always a way :3
  13. If you have a watch repair place close by take it there and see what they can do. They're experts in little screws and usually don't mind helping with things other than watches.
  14. If you can find a way to wipe it clean that would be better. Although the rice does work it doesn't prevent mould etc. from then growing inside gadgets where the water was which can cause more damage further down the line >.<. A wipe down will be better.
  15. I'm guessing it must save periodically too as when I was at university and I've had to change the batteries in my P's later in the day it's downloaded at a random time when I've been in class or something.