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  1. Sent an email to Bandai America...waiting for response...waiting for response...if you need me, I'll be on a 6 year trip waiting.

    1. mew0099


      what sort of things did you ask? :o

    2. tamatown123


      Same here..I'll come with you....__.

  2. Well, thanks to an unfortunate tragedy, I have all babies on every one of them. (all my tamas died after forgetting to pause them, and not realizing it for 3 days)
  3. Bandai America has to be the most immature company EVER. Who would sell an awful product like the Tama-Go, then STOP selling anything at all, then not fix the problems with their website. I hear often that the only reason people bought Tama-Gos was to use the TamaTown for them, which now cannot be done. I am just surprised they sent replies to anyone at all. I'll send them an email soon.
  4. I used to bring my V3 to school back when people knew what they were. I had it in my desk for the day, checking on it at recess time and lunch. But I forgot to turn the sound off, and it beeped during class. That is why they aren't allowed at that school any longer :'(
  5. I opened it up today, and this is what is saw at the top. (click link, obviously )
  6. Never dropped it ONCE. I'm very careful with my tamas. And I'm a tad bit nervous to open it up and look inside; I don't want to break it accidently. I want it fixed though, so if I know I have little to fear, I'll do it.
  7. HOOOSSSHHHH (i got nothin to say)

  8. When the love of your life asks you out for Saturday night, but you decline because you and your tama are sceduled for Game Night. When you call your tamas 'honeysuckles'. When you cry when a tama dies because you feel like a murderer. When you get sweaty and nervous when you realize you haven't checked on your tama for the past 10 minutes. When you try to impress your family by reciting all the tamagotchi names you know, even though they obviously couldn't care less.
  9. So I stopped playing with my tamas for a while (like, a year), but then I started playing again. I put new batteries in ALL of mine, and they were fine. But then I put a battery in my Music Star, and there were three huge blocks of pixels missing. The Music Star wasn't without a battery any more than the others, yet it was the only one. I'm tempted to check the circuit board, but I did that before on my V3 and broke sound wires, and I don't want a repeat of that. Please help!!! (I'll post a pic if I can)
  10. I read on a couple otehr forums that if a V4 (English, at least) is debugged, at the character selection, if you pick something that isn't a baby, you won't be a ble to turn off 'hyperspeed'. I think it is because hyperspeed is turned off with the c button, but toddlers-oldies do an action, thus never being able to turn it off. So I stick to V3 debug, just in case.
  11. Hey! Could someone make me ones with,,,, and please?
  12. I want an English ID-L!!!

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    2. Choco Monkey

      Choco Monkey

      I don't want one either, I'd rather get the Japanese ver

    3. Guard

      I don't know...I guess the language of a Tamagotchi doesn't matter to me anymore. Plus, I wouldn't be allowed to buy from TaoBao, haha.

      Really, I don't know how to explain it. I just don't want one.

  13. Sounds the same, but I'm only a kid, so I can't get a $57 tama. I told my mom I was saving up for one, but she said it was a huge rip-off and that $57 is too much for ANY toy . Can I buy one any where else, for cheaper? I really want one!
  14. I used a money converter form yen to US dollar, and it equaled about $4. Obviously, I'm doing something wrong here. How much do they really cost? I REALLY want that nice whiteish-silverish one!