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Hiya! My name is fangs-1!! I was gonna have my name be 1-fangs, but someone stole it! ohmy.gif not cool homie! Anyway, im such a fun person to talk to! I love telling jokes and calling people my homies! I enjoy a lot of stuff. I love to read! biggrin.gif A lot of you dont like reading, but I love it! Reading is awesome! My fave book is The Outsiders. Im a HUGE cartoon fan! I love cartoons! I watch them all the time. My fave cartoon guessed it....Tom and Jerry! I also love anime/manga! I am curently watching/reading Baka Test! It's so stupid....I love it! biggrin.gif Also, my fave anime/manga is Naruto because it was the first anime I saw and first manga I read! I agree, there is manga and animes better than Naruto, but Naruto got me started! I love it! I also love D.Gray-man!!!!!! STRIKE!!!! lol. I have a Kawaii Tumblr! Its called and I have a Kawaii website. Its called biggrin.gif see them like right now!! Messege me! I wanna chat! And be your friend. Thanx!