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  1. Happy Birthday! I miss you...

  2. Hello it is I ur great great great grandfather

  3. Oww my stomach hurts ):

    1. roxas831


      same sentiments. It's really painful. I've vomited thrice now.

    2. Choco Monkey

      Choco Monkey

      Awh hope you get better

    3. mashedpotatoesve


      I miss you bruh X_X

  4. Thank you so much! uvu

  5. He doesn't need his name up in lights he just wants to be heard whether its the beat or the mic
  6. Happy birthday Ella (^_^)

  7. Uhm so the old topic died (, well at least I think it did ._. So ok whatever I'll just start Today in math this guy was looking at me so I said "Stop looking at me" and then he looked at me again and made this weird chicken noise xD And today In English this girl saw bananas on the back table and then said "I want a banana" and then I said "that depends, which kind do you want?" Today there was a sub in English and then this guy told the sub "I eat raccoons" and the sub said "You need counseling" xD
  8. why did you steal my pic and put it on tamagotchi wikia without crediting me, mentioning me, or even contacting me?

    1. Choco Monkey

      Choco Monkey

      Omg I'm so sorry I just noticed that, so should I credit you or take the pictures off the wiki, again I'm sorry I didn't mean to

    2. Orandatchi


      it would be lovely if you did uwu

    3. Choco Monkey

      Choco Monkey

      So is that a yes to me crediting you or taking of the pictures (:

  9. I don't like my PE teacher because she always calls me dimples and once she told me to do push ups when I told her that she looked like Ms. Sue from Glee ( she really does though )