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  1. I got a Mametchi on my ID-L! I have three of his Tamatomo symbols, now for the fourth. I just have to keep him alive for 48 hours.

  2. 6:55 AM I woke up 5 minutes before Piko! Woohoo! I'll be attempting to catch Piko doing the 'potty dance' three times to ensure I get Mametchi. I hope I do! I watched Piko wake up, and I fed him and cared for his needs. 8:00 Shoot! He pooped on the floor while I was eating breakfast. Oh well, I'll have more opportunities later! Mametchi, here I come! 10:00 Posted this log and caught him doing the 'dance', that's 1/3 times to get Mametchi. I'll keep a close watch on him. ----------------------- Hunger - 5 Riceballs Friendship - Nearly Full Bar Current Stage - Teen Character - Hanakimitchi Character I'm Aiming For - Good Care/Mametchi Happy Seals - None yet Gotchi Points - 1500G Mood as of this log post - Excited
  3. Has TamaTalk fallen?

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    2. ChamametchiandMametchi


      lol, yes, TamaTalk just wanted to rest.

    3. dazzilitchigirl


      I don't understand all this stuff about TT going down...the forums look fine, I don't see any spam, what's up with TT?

    4. ichiro.malfoy


      Has somebody been playing with Dementors again? Don't bring everybody's spirits down :)

  4. Is the Hanikamitchi glitch true? If you pick up 3 pieces of his poop total he'll evolve into Mametchi?

    1. sonicfan253


      And nobody replies. Okay. Fine.

    2. Orandatchi


      it's not a glitch, its just a special care thing

  5. 3:00 PM Piko evolves into a Hanikamitchi, the good care teen! 4:00 - 5:00 I constantly check on Piko throughout the hour. 6:00 I took Piko to Youth Night, all of the older teens recognized it. My friend even said he had been to japan and saw a P'S for 60$! Piko fell asleep soon after. 10:00 I just got home and wrote this log! ---------------- Hunger - Six Riceballs Friendship - Maxed Yellow Current Stage - Teen Character: Hanikamitchi Gotchi Points - 1800G Current Mood as of this log update - Tired
  6. Woo! Hanikamitchi! If I keep up the good care, I could get Mametchi! :D

  7. Do any of you remember my old Tama-Go log? Well...NOW I HAVE AN ID-L. EXCITEMENT. I'm going to start a new log, this one is going to be a sequel to the Tamtacular Tama-Go log. My Tama is named Piko. 10:00 AM I woke up to the sound of my ID-L beeping. OH CRAP! I looked at it, and saw that I had a care miss, oh well. I fed it and brought it into the living room to take care of it. 12:00 PM I fed Piko a McDonalds burger. (I made it myself) and he liked it, it restored three of his rice balls. I played a few download games, my favorite is the snowboard one. I also downloaded some Eternal Summer seeds and planted them in his yard, and it grew quite a bit! A heavy rain was pouring in Tamagotchi Town so I brought him into his house. He has an Art Studio for his living room. 1:10 PM It's really nice outside! I think Piko enjoys being a Kaubotchi, his hat is adorable. I'm about to take him out for a special treat at the restaurant, a delicious taco, mmm! I also bought him a TV, Skateboard, Cellphone, and an art kit, so he has plenty to do. Our Eternal Summer seeds haven't grown much.
  8. Starting a sequel of sorts to my Tama-Go log, now with my ID-L! It will be up in the logs section soon!

  9. My second day with my ID-L, and it's already going wrong! I got a care miss because I didn't hear my alarm to wake me up. :(

    1. oddsandendswithlove


      nothing wrong there, you get to explore all the characters when you have care misses <3

  10. I downloaded some awesome costumes for my ID-L buuuuuut how do I buy them? I can't access the Tamamori shop, it's grayed out. How do I go about unlocking it?
  11. I just downloaded a whole bunch of stuff for my ID-L that I got today. Now my tama can channel surf, and eat my favorite foods! (I downloaded a TV and a taco for the restaurant)

    1. Owl


      Love it! I spent some time updating my iD L the other day too. :3 It's so much fun.

  12. My ID-L is here! It's really here! :D

  13. My ID-L wasn't in the mail today! T-tomorrow for sure... D:

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    2. SailorRosette


      That stinks! They will bring it tommorrow hopefully.

    3. nyle9009


      I hate when shipping lies!!

    4. webster04


      I feel ya, still waiting on my morino, micro pet transX and precision screwdriver set


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    2. sonicfan253


      It's coming today, but the post hasn't run yet! squueeee

    3. Owl


      I know these feels!

    4. nyle9009


      get it yet? I have 16-20 days still ._.

  15. Coffretchi is terrible not only because she replaced Himespetchi, her voice is awful and SHE SINGS A SONG ABOUT MAKEUP EVERY TIME THE GROUP SEES HER. SHE IS ALSO OBSESSED WITH KIRARATCHI AND YUMEYUMITCHI. I just felt like putting that in caps, and she's really annoying too! I groan every time I see her because I know she'll do one of three things: 1. Sing that STUPID SONG 2. Obsess over Kiraratchi and Yumeyumitchi to the point where I want to stab my screen 3. Talk about makeup And what the heck is with the instument tablets? You strum your hand across the touchscreen and it somehow makes music? Himespetchi's DRUM TABLET made sense, but I don't get how you need a tablet to play an instrument when you could play a real instrument! As soon as I saw a microphone tablet I ragequit. Apparently instruments don't exist in Dream Town.