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  1. brown, but i would love to have green eyes!
  2. maybe you could borrow the concept of a Tumblr meet up, or something.
  3. Version 1 yellow with red arrows Hatched this morning Noah Marutchi Age 1
  4. 6 and a half stone. I'm 17 years old and underweight .___.
  5. the on/off button on my iPod Touch 4G is stuck! It's pressed in, so I can push it, pop it back out or use it at all. It's not particularly debilitating, it just means I can't reset it when it crashes, turn it off or lock the screen without waiting a minute. I would like it fixed, but I've been quoted £40 to have someone take the back off and pop it back off. £40. Personally, I feel this is a form of robbery. Has anyone else had this problem and how it can be resolved?
  6. I have a green mametchi tama go and for some reason I can't unscrew the back! It's been about six months since I last played with it and I know I left the dead batteries in there. Now I just can't get it open! I'm really worried about messing up the screws so it'll never open again! >.< any help? And yes, I am trying to unscrew it to the left, not the right. derp. Righty-tighty, lefty-loosey!
  7. that poor girl! but lucky for you!
  8. yeah, he does that. Most I ever had was like 800p, then I get robbed of it in the next mail.
  9. wow, those are so cute, really good job
  10. Aw, I love masktchi! I don't think he's ugly at all, he's cute!
  11. Although I've never seen nor heard of this particular name glitch, I have observed a few name glitches on Tamagotchi myself >.< For example, I connected my two version ones the other day and I noticed in the friend register, the other tamagotchi was down as 'Eliqa' rather than 'Eliza', which is what the tamagotchi was actually called! Name glitches must be a common thing :|
  12. The background pixels on my V1 are pretty dark which makes the screen difficult to look at! Any idea why this is or how to fix it? So much bother with batteries, I would just save yourself a lot of trouble and buy a new one. >.< there's always bound to be a rogue defective one out there!
  13. I've had this problem in the past, and I always put it down to a dodgy battery. Have you tried swapping batteries with another Tamagotchi to see if it does the same with that?
  14. is this going to be in the UK or is it just an American thing?