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    I used to have a v6 and a v5.5 but I lost them, I do have a green Tamagotchi P tho
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    Togetchi, Sebiretchi, Violetchi, Mametchi, Mimitchi, Kikitchi, Rightchi, Turtletchi and Ichigotchi
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  1. *flies in* *whispers Adam Young, and not just Owl City, I also like a bunch of his side projects like Seagull Orchestra, Port Blue, Sky Sailing, Dolphin Park, Insect Airport and Aquarium If you want the short version of why I like him it's because his music is very inspiring and motivational and listening to Owl City helped me through high school and helped me cope with all of my problems, also his music has much more depth if you take away the vocals the instrumentals aren't just repetitive beats (oh yeah and I'm also a casual fan of Panic! At The Disco, they're pretty cool)* *teleports away*
  2. i've been too lazy to update but i have to but i won't type much because i don't care so Anna didn't grow up into Yumemitchi but idk what the name of the alternate was and she married this brown guy who reminds me of an ice cream and a cow and an eskimo at the same time and they had a daughter wow lots of girls on my tama and that marks the first time i ever made it past gen 5 be proud of me so she evolved into the flowerpot again i'm hoping she goes down the orange mushroom girl road and not the weird rainbow skirt and giant blue ears road because im tired of that ok oh yeah and her name is Breanne ok the end
  3. I basically log in everyday to update my tama log and check if tama chat is still alive I don't do much of anything else

  4. wait I just wanna say that buying that flute is one of the best decisions I have ever made on my Tamagotchi and also wow i'm already on page 2 ok now i'm gone bye
  5. she evolved into that thing with big blue ears and a colorful skirt whatever again, I was hoping for the orange mushroom one but oh well I do not want Yumemitchi again tho because it's really freaking annoying winking all the time for some reason the flute gave Anna a style personality apparently but that's good because style means she'll turn into that other one instead of Yumemitchi according to the growth chart (don't misunderstand me tho I don't hate Yumemitchi with a burning passion of hatred or whatever) so yeah idk what now but I'm still too lazy to post pictures I'll have to eventually tho of the house because I want you to see what all my hard work getting those gotchi points led to not much to update about tho so yeah. done for the day. good bye.
  6. UPDATE: I finally got enough gotchi points (in fact I had more than enough there was still 1k leftover when I was done) for the home makeover whatever and I turned my tama's whole house into an outerspace themed thing, I discovered when you go outside the outside of the house changed too (and I didn't have to pay for that one) and it looks like a rocket ship space ship thing, awesome. totally awesome. so anyways after I basically finished my goal I played a few games a couple of times and spent all my money on a flute. oh yeah and I forgot to tell you that sometimes when I go outside random people show up and they buy stuff from you so I sold the binoculars, the ball, the cook book thing, and this green icecream thing i forgot i had and i got another coupon but for the same place so i have two of the same thing and since they basically last forever idk what to do with the second one, I wish I could combine them tho because that would mean I would get food for free but yeah not happening. gonna update again tomorrow.
  7. I've had Vienna the longest out of all my tamagotchis on my P and she was starting to annoy me a bit bECAUSE SHE KEEPS ON FREAKING WINKING AND SHE RIDES A FREAKING LIMO INSTEAD OF WALKS REALLY??? A LIMO REALLY? but yeah since I went to the beach yesterday (I don't want to talk about it, don't ask but my sister dragged me into it) while I was bobbing uselessly in the dead jellyfish infested waters my tama was not doing well, I left her alone for around 9 hours not exaggerating, when I got back to her she was really sick and pooped a lot but when I gave her medicine she suddenly got really happy??? and she got a happy sign puzzle piece thing???? how anyways here's what happened today so far: I woke up to my tama beeping. sometimes I wonder why you have to take care of the adults, tHEY'RE FREAKING ADULTS WHY CAN'T THEY TAKE CARE OF THEMSELVES but I guess that is the point of a tamagotchi, you have to take care of it so yeah I brought her to the park and idk what happened but she turned into a police officer??? she caught Nazotchi (lol I actually know this one's name) littering and helped a lost child??? then she recorded the events in her diary??? well I married her off today to idk who that was but I actually used the matchmaker this time instead of dates in the park because those are really time consuming and she was just meeting that weird guy asking her to be a police officer again instead of other tamagotchis to date so yeah the guy was yellow with orange hair or was that just a darker shade of yellow and blue clothes idk how to describe him actually but I didn't like the other two guys much so yeah Vienna had a daughter and I named her Anna (the names seem random to you but I named them after songs actually, Owl City songs wait one of them was Sky Sailing but yeah) Anna just evolved into a flowerpot thing instead of the umbrella hat ghost which is a huge relief actually, she got sick and pooped a lot a couple of times but yeah everything's ok right now
  8. so yesterday she evolved into Yumemitchi (idk if I spelled that right but yeah who cares) and apparently Yumemitchi is fancy, she freaking rides around in a limo instead of walking and I'm just like where did you get that did you steal it because I didn't buy you a limo so yeah and apparently it celebrated my birthday without me while I left it alone when I went to eat breakfast but that's ok I couldn't care less she'll probably get married soon tho
  9. the cat thing came by and I bought this green ice cream stuff idk what it is but I hope it's wasabi ice cream, that stuff is amazing then I got another coupon from her I think it's for her own shop that music cafe place. that reminds me of yesterday when I went to the dentist lol my mom bought white chocolate wasabi flavored ice cream but the white chocolate overpowered the whole thing and totally drowned out the wasabi you couldn't even taste it it was basically liquified white chocolate with green flecks like white chocolate is pretty good but I don't like it much and it was disappointing no being able to taste the wasabi. oh well.