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  1. To bad Mimo is not so good at || Months past, and Mimo finally || After their wedding they got to wooing the ladies. I gave him || came to me and said "I'm in love! || work right away on their family. some good tips haha. || I want to be with her forever" || it's a girl!!! They played ball for|| Mimo was very excited to be || Mimo then left her to be with me awhile before she fell asleep. || rocking her to sleep for the first || He said "take care of her Loni..." || time. || as he left. Ella was as sad as me.. There is no pictures after this because I was away from home, But I will give you the readers digest on what has happened. Ella Grew up in to a Beautiful Agetchi, She got all of her happy symbols and married the intelligent Mamechi then had a baby boy, Taren ! He grew up as Sunopotchi The little Aviator! After Taren got all his happy symbols, he too wanted to find love. So he Married the sweet Chamametchi and had a baby girl. She grew up into Makiko, and she loves clothes! She's taken a huge chuck of my wallet but it's ok. She looks so cute in her outfits! After Makiko Gets all her happy symbols and Gets Married I will start doing photo Posts again. Thanks everyone for their Patience!
  2. Hello Loyal viewers of this Tama-log! I have returned from my busy life and am hoping to go back to updating this log more frequently. but First, I must inform you all (in a nut shell) what has happened the past few days! First of all, Mimo! He has a surprise for you all... Here's little Mimo! Well, not so || I bought Mimo a flower pressing || As the Day went on, Mimo told me little anymore... we re-modeled || kit, so now he's pressing some || that he wish to be Married... It broke the ole` house. Looks nice no?|| from his meadow! so cute! ||my heart a little. but... Alas here we are! The Match || The match maker was a very nice || He introduced him to Melodichi. maker. || Lady. She introduced him to his || Such a sweetie! I totally approve || Perfect match! || *sheds a tear*
  3. Going to Post a new episode of Mimo's Family soon. There won't be any pictures for a little while. Considering I was away from home, without a camera.

  4. Greeting to All very sweet and Loyal Followers to this Tama-Log. I just thought I would let you all know I'm sorry for not posting a reply today to the log. However, something has come up in my life, and I might not be able to post anything more for awhile. As for a set date of when I will post another log, I will try this coming Tuesday. Thanks all for being so patient and for all your support!
  5. Hi Everyone it's Mimo's First day home and we decided to take it easy today! So here we are Ep.1 of Mimo's Family. Here's our Little Mimo! He decided to ||| Mimo has decided to take a bath before || After his nice bath, he went outside to smile for the Camera and say hello to ||| Tending to any Guests, he looks so cute!|| see the seed I planted for him! he was very everyone! || Excited . After Frolicking outside, we stopped ||| Mimo and I started towards the park it ||| We met a little Fluffy guy in the park. I'm by Tama Cafe` for a Delicious Shaved||| was a lovely evening. Nice and cool ||| Not sure what his name is. But it sure is Ice! The Waitress was so sweet. ||| outside. ||| cute! (Translation Preview) They had a lot of fun today! ||| After a big long home coming, Mimo ||| was Spent. He was to bed around 10pm ||| Welcome home Mimo! Mimo's Family won't posted till Thursday, I hope that I will see you guys then!
  6. I don't imagine Bandai will be Mad. I'm not going to be charging money for it. It's going to be free to download. I'm going to be posting Small translation bits in my Tama log Mimo's Famiy, if you guy want to check Because there'll be picture on the Broken iD-L
  7. A Picture is worth a thousand Words. Mimo's Home! And thus Begins the Start of Mimo's Family!!!
  8. Hi guys! Sorry for the Late Post. Mimo has decided not to send a post card, but he did send a picture! Check it out! How cool! He looks like he's having a great time. I'm so excited for Mimo to come home tomorrow! Aren't you? Wish Mimo a Safe journey home guys! Till tomorrow. Hugs and Kisses from Mimo and I <3 Ciao!
  9. Hi there everyone. I have lots of experience in digital Programming, and Japanese Language Knowledge. I have managed to Hack into a Broken iD-Ls Data banks and extract the program data. If I could possibly create an English patch for iD-L by the use of a usd Infarred (which is very possible) I can translate everything on the iD-L Since I am not sure how this will work on a Brand new iD-L and since I'm not willing to test it on my working iD-L I will be working on this awhile to make sure it works, and doesn't break the iD-L. I hope this Goes well you guys, wish me Luck!
  10. Working on Making a Downloadable iDL Translation Patch!

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      Lol. I am not sure when I'll be able to have this done... I am a busy career Woman. But I will do my best. If there's any risk of breaking the iD-L This will not be released

    4. Ribonitchi
  11. UPDATE : Mimo Wants to come home Early! So tomorrow he's coming straight home after he visits Las-Vegas. I'm so excited! Aren't you? I will post pics as soon as I get his next post card! Till Then~ Ciao
  12. Welcome back! Today Mimo's sent us a post card from the Grand Canyon! Apparently he met a girl! oooh~ lol How nice for Mimo to have met another Tama while he's traveling. Well it's 4:30 here in Chicago And Mimos post card just arrived. Here it is you guys! Isn't that Chamametchi cute?! I'm so happy he's having a great time! He's going to be very hungry for some deep dish pizza when he comes home. Here's the Back of the Post card. . Mimo Going to Las Vegas Makes me a little Nervous, But I'm sure he won't get into trouble! I hope he Enjoys the amazing lights~. Well guys, I believe we only have a few more days before Mimo Comes home to "Blue House" I hope you guys are looking forward to his return as much as I am! Till our Next Post Card. Tomorrow... Las Vegas! Bye guys!
  13. Tabbed My Music Star...sweet dreams Little Princess.

  14. Evening Everyone! It's 7:30pm in chicago and I just got another post card from Mimo in the Mail. He met a celebrity! How exciting~ I can't wait till Mimo finally comes home, but he really seems to be enjoying himself. So I'd hate to rush him... So anyways guys! Here's the postcard from Mimo! And here's the back!
  15. Only posting this One more time. Here's a Link to my Mimo's Family Tama LogPlease check it out! I would really appreciate it :D http://www.tamatalk.com/IB/topic/181827-mimos-family/