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  1. it was the same color as your two, there were batteries inside, but one of the batteries leaked due to age and I think that's what caused it to not work
  2. it'd just be nice if those who owned one, would post videos and pictures and stuff for others to see
  3. UGH if you ever want to trade your talking nano kitty for something let me know...I bought one a while ago brand new and it didn't work been trying to get one for a while now!
  4. I'm disappointed that my package has taken over a week to get here...when it only came from Georgia and I paid 7bucks for shipping...feel bad I have to give this person negative feedback on the shipping section, but it is what it is

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    2. nightspiritwings


      well the thing is...i'd expect with seven bucks for shipping it'd at least get put in a priority box...but I paid for the item on the 8th and they didn't even send it out till the 12th

    3. nightspiritwings


      PLUS on top of that...everyone else with big orders that won items teh same day have gotten their things like days ago, because I see the feedback they left and their comments of fast shipping.

    4. Midorime


      Did they list a number of days for handling? I tend to ship things within a day, but I put to allow for 3 days handling before shipment, just in case. However that applied more to before I had my own scale and did package pickups.

  5. UGH great...second package to get shipped to my old address...I even made sure to select my new *current address* but...for some reason it's getting sent still to my old one

    1. ciara683


      that sucks, i'd go crazy if that happened to me as my last adress is 8 hours away XD

    2. nightspiritwings


      I managed to avert the crisis...and should one way or another have it on monday! :D

    3. bbabyblue


      I didn't even know that could happen :s

  6. nah they sold it as untested so i'm not going to bother them with it, I can still play it, it's just a large inconvenience but ah well I'll probably mess around with it and still try to figure it out, I figured I don't really have anything to lose on it
  7. I always clean out the virtual pets when I get them, it wasn't working since i've gotten it
  8. it's not a tamagotchi, it's a virtual pet of a different kind I had already tried all the options you guys gave me above no luck unfortunately
  9. I got a vpet that's a hard to find dinosaur type one. However when I put the correct batteries into the vpet it shows up as dark pixels for a split second as it's "loading' aka turning on and then becomes so faint that I have to tilt the screen wayyyy up to see them any idea what could cause this?
  10. it's kind of weird sometimes they can end up being johnny pets *(the modern dinosaur aka johnny dinosaur can end up looking a lot like the galaxy pet)
  11. the one on the right ended up being some sort of strange kimiko like puppy pet...I haven't had the time to play with it and try to figure it out though.
  12. you do pretty much raise it like any other vpet, but certain types of care will determine which one it evolves to. it also can battle other digimon if you connect them but you'd have to have a second one.
  13. from when I ran it, i'm pretty positive it's a version 1