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  1. hi so im on mac and i dont know hos to start the game after i downloaded it. fan made tamagotchi

    1. iTamannadi


      The program works with Windows 10 only.

    2. loggotchi


      aw man:( i thought that the github was for something


    3. loggotchi


      Hi so I just downloaded on windows ten and Idk how to start up game 

  2. i have no clue what a .rar file is. plz help

    1. Yo-gatchi


      fixed that so never mind

    2. Nazotchi25


      For a good future reference you should use

      It has all sorts of information on different file types and usually what programs use them/can open them

  3. Hey, I got a hold of your Eternitchi game and when I started it, it gave me an error upon selecting the black egg (it wouldn't let me get other eggs), should I delete every file and redownload the installer? And where should I save it to?

    1. ~SkrillexGotchi~


      Never mind I figured it out, I had to run it as an administrator.

    2. moon-eggs
  4. I made a GitHub recently! I posted all the necessary files there! I think I know why it happens? Pay no mind to it, it still removes the correct item, right? Sorry, the programming is a mess, oops
  5. Technically? They won't grow or become weaker if you close it, but if you are on real mode and open it again on a different day, it will automatically add 12 hours so they won't grow too slowly!
  6. After 3 years and 2 betas, I'm finally done with the simulator! Before downloading: Uninstall the previous version! Remember you cannot install it in the default folder! The controls are different, relying more on the mouse, and you can use F11 to make the screen bigger! Download link! You can find more info on my tumblr, which is linked on my profile! There's also a Discord server, which I will give you the link to if you ask me! If you have any doubts, feel free to ask!
  7. Oh! Sorry I just saw these! These look awesome! ♠ However, I already have all the designs that I needed. Sorry, but I will not be adding more custom characters, since everything is already programmed. Thank you, anyway, seeing these made me happy! ♠
  8. Hello! That character is really cute!! ~ ♥ However, I cannot add any more characters. There is a character that has no design yet: a male character which evolves from a Motetchi that works as a fashion designer, with very high artistry and high passion. You may make a new design for this character if you want to! I hope this isn't too disappointing.