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  1. Back here! Can't believe I joined this forum 7 years ago...

    Recently received an On for my birthday, been playing with it. Any other people in their 20's hanging around here?

    1. iTamannadi


      over here 👋🏼

      and welcome back to the community! 

    2. Knighttchi's Ballad

      Knighttchi's Ballad

      I've almost made it to 20, so I guess I count :lol: Congrats on the On and welcome back :^) Quite a few people come back from the old days.

  2. First day of summer -- just started up both my M!xs and my P after a hard finals week :)

    1. tamapalace






    2. asmexus


      wooo I'm finally out on summer too

    3. StelSolari
  3. Anyone else taking their finals right now? :'(

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    2. asmexus


      Mine start tomorrow!

    3. tamaninjacat


      Mine are going on all week this week. :(

    4. StelSolari


      Wow, good luck y'all! I just finished up

  4. Anyone know if you can unlock Gozaru Village by gifting over the Conch and buying the living room background?

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    2. Igel-Fullmetal


      Mermaid Palace - Connect to another device more than 3 times


    3. Rorys_Tamas


      Yes you can for goza village you need the ninja wallpaper and to play with the conch it doesnt matter where it comes from, on my anniversary as i got tired of the racing game I just gifted it from my melody mix

    4. StelSolari


      @Igel-Fullmetal I wanted as many location unlocks as possible on both M!xs :) so I was hoping that I could get Gozaru on the one that doesn't have Mermaid. Thank you!


      @Rorys_Tamas thank you! I just couldn't get Mermaid Palace on my second one, so I'm glad to hear that I can still unlock it. Much appreciated!

  5. I think the P is definitely worth its price with the number of features included -- and the fact that it is colorized.
  6. Prime is amazing!! Ordered these two days ago and they got here right before I left for class this morning... so far, so good! Super happy with this purchase!
  7. Hi! I've owned both a P and now two Mixes. So far, I feel like the P had more content, but if the price is a huge concern, the Mix should do just fine. Also, the idea of being able to mix traits from both parents is pretty awesome. And there are plenty of online guides to help you understand the Japanese menus. Having a color-screen Tamagotchi has been a wonderful experience and definitely a huge upgrade from the older versions. I played a 4.5 in elementary and I am now in college :- ) it's really a timeless toy!
  8. I'm back! Bought two Mixes to help out with finals stress. They came in today -- so far, enjoying them!

    1. Doobytchi66


      I have three, two coming.

    2. StelSolari


      I think they're pretty good investments!

  9. Has anyone been to the TamaDepa in Harajuku?

  10. How's everyone doing?

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    2. StelSolari


      You're still on break? I'm jealous :( I've been in school for over a week now. It's good though!

    3. tamatamaa


      I'm on break for another 2 and half weeks. In Australia we get huge summer holidays which can get really boring. (Summer over here). I should be more grateful for extra holidays though.

    4. Hapihapitchi


      Wow! I think I have the same as StelSolari. I've been in school for over a week now.


  11. What inexpensive (

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    2. Vexia


      Well, there's Baby Change which is really affordable at under $12 on Amazon, but I'd personally recommend the Fairy Change version ($18-19 on Amazon). Oh, and I may or may not have just ordered the Royal Change pierce for myself ($16-19 on Amazon). :P Have you seen all of the transformation charts?

    3. StelSolari


      Yeah, I have! All of them look like solid choices and thank god for Amazon and Prime <3 I'll probably get the Fairy change one first, it's adorable haha. Maybe the Baby and Royal ones later :) thanks for your help!

    4. StelSolari


      Whoops, meant that I'll get the Baby one**

  12. Rewarding myself with a new pierce if I can manage to go to all my classes next week... so tempted to skip orz

  13. I can't find the items needed to finish Coffretchi's puzzle pieces anywhere can someone please help or direct me to a thread with all the pieces?
  14. All packed up and ready to go back to college :( probably the saddest I've ever been to leave home again

    1. milkgotchi


      I pack and go back soon as well.. T_T Going to miss essay-less weekdays, eating junk food, and sleeping in.

    2. StelSolari


      Ahh I seriously feel you D: well, the opposite holds true on the junk food haha. I end up eating more unhealthily at school :( need to fix that. Good luck on your upcoming semester/quarter!

    3. milkgotchi
  15. For downloads for the P, do you have to have an irda dongle, or will any infrared dongle work?

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    2. StelSolari


      No problem -- just wondering because I ordered one that wasn't IRDA under the assumption that it would still work, but it just arrived and isn't. Looks like I'll have to try again :(

    3. milkgotchi


      Aw man that sucks. I hope your next one works! Hopefully you can find a nice cheap one.

    4. StelSolari


      Thanks! I'm actually off to Fry's soon to pick one up, but not sure if it'll work either. Fingers crossed :)