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  1. Sorry for adding you then removing you, I didn't mean to do that - I clicked it twice by accident :)

  2. Yeah, i figured that out last night... It's really depressing, but it looks like Bandai US is going to stop making Tamagotchis. Welp, time to move to Japan!
  3. I hope that this is real and not just a fake. But anyways, I really am excited for this! Finally I can go to the store and see tamagotchis! I wonder if it will be in color.
  4. Does anybody have any Tamagotchis for sale? I would prefer a V5 or V4.5, but ANY Tamagotchi will do as long as it's a good price. Message me if you have any to sell to me! :)

  5. So first off, I'm new to TamaTalk, so hi everybody! Second, I'm not necessarily new to Tamagotchi, this is just my first time playing Tamagotchi Connection V5.5 in a while and I want some help. So you know how in Tamagotchi V5.5(Celebrity) you have to wait 2 days after you tamas become adults to go on the dating show? Well, I wasn't sure how long it had been so this morning I changed the time to a few hours ahead, and when that didn't work I changed the date to a day ahead, but that didn't work either. So now I changed it to the correct time and my brother's tamas were able to get married (we started them up at the same exact time), so I thought in a few minutes mine would be too, since our tamagotchis evolved into adult a few minutes apart. But after waiting a while, they still aren't able to go on the dating show and now it's been an hour! So what I'm asking is, does changing the time and/or date affect if my tamagotchi can married? Like, will I have to wait another two days? --Please Help, Turtlestarf
  6. New to tamatalk :)

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