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    V3 (Constellations)
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    K-Tama (Akai White)
    K-Tama (Ichigo Milk)
    Osutchi (smoke NIB)
    Mesutchi (clear NIB)
    Uratama (Ura Music)
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    V1 Pink or T-Red
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    V3, Keitai Akai, Umino
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  1. I agree! Especially since many parents give their kids tamagotchis as a test before allowing them to have a "real" pet. When there are actual, emotional consequences involved I think it makes a bigger impression. I remember when my first tamagotchi went back to its home planet, I was confused more than anything and assumed it was part of the gameplay rather than a consequence of neglect. I definitely prefer the vintage Japanese versions because of this. I feel like the charm of the Angelgotchi rests on the concept of Tamagotchis actually having a lifespan and basic needs, rather than just ditching you for their home planet 😂
  2. This V3 just arrived this morning! 😊 It's one of my favorite V3 shell designs and now my "first" Tamagotchi, as I'm in the process of rebuilding my collection. Just waiting on the batteries to arrive!
  3. Got momentarily distracted and was sniped on a $12 pink V1 in great condition 😭  Lesson learned but still feeling salty

    1. leogames2012


      Try to fix it! Its Fun to do It so?

    2. Decotchi


      Oh I meant that someone outbid me on an eBay auction 😢 I do like fixing up tamas though!

  4. I had this one too! Sadly I sold it along with my entire collection a few years ago, but it's a really nice shell!
  5. It's so nice to be back! I'm glad I kept a record of my collection, because I had to sell it and now I know exactly which ones I need to rebuild my collection.

    Just ordered 3 Keitai (ichigo, apples, and white) and my favorite V3 shell design (Constellations). Super excited to start fresh!

    1. Knighttchi's Ballad

      Knighttchi's Ballad

      Welcome back! You're one of my favourite tamas :^)

  6. I've been so busy studying, all I've had time to run is my P1 -.- I miss the days when I could run 5 tamas at once.

  7. Got my first ever v2 today, I've always been curious about it:)

  8. Just got my Uratama and Akai in the mail! Perfect timing too, three day weekend:D

    1. jennyxxfasho


      Wohoo! Have fun!

    2. magicboa


      Have fun with them!! Both of these are among my favorites. The red pixels are a little difficult to see at times than the blue ones.

    3. Decotchi


      Yeah, the red pixels are a bit of a squint-inducer, but so far the Akai is probably my favorite tama of all time! It's so simple but it has so many cute features. I played with the Ura a bit, but I started school and it was too much to handle so I temporarily took out the battery. The Akai is perfect for when I'm at school though.

  9. Just added a Uratama, Akai, and my first ever v2 to my collection. Super excited:D

    1. Carleesi


      an uratama - it's pronounced as 'ooratama', not 'youratama'

  10. Just added a Uratama, Akai, and my first ever v2 to my collection. Super excited:D

    1. NATUUURE :D


      Oooohhh. Congrats! Have fun with those tamas. :D

  11. This is my last week before starting my sophomore year of college. Excited but I'm gonna miss all this free time.

  12. My brother and I keep getting the same tamas. Right now they're both Violetchi XD

    1. tamagotchirocks


      Lol thats so cool! XP

  13. So I recently got a Kakeibo and I've been playing around with it trying to understand how it works. I've pretty much figured everything out, but I can't seem to transfer gotchi points and items from it to my Entama. I've already read all related posts on it, but none address my particular problem. Can anyone help me out? The more specific, the better. Also, does the age of the Entama affect this in any way?
  14. I recently bought an Entama and a Kakeibo to go along with it, but since I can't read any of the instructions or text within the Entama itself, I was wondering if anyone could give me some information on them, particularly how to use them together/connect them. Also, I bought what I thought was a Keitai (not Akai), but despite the shell design, it seems to be just a regular v3 (none of the Japanese Keitai games, etc.). I'm not mad because I love v3s anyway, but is there some sort of limited edition design for American v3s that I was unaware of? It's cream colored with mint green characters and leaves, with the letters "TMGC" on the top.
  15. So far I'm loving my new Osu/Mesu pair! Excited for them to grow into teens:D