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  1. Just a quick update - as I've had a lot on my plate this last week, I decided to narrow down my active tamas to the V2 and Osu/Mesu pair. The rest of my tamas are safely tucked away and ready for me to Download when the time comes, but I just felt bad not being able to provide them with a decent level of attention. For now, my Osu/Mesu pair are in the teen stage of Gen 4 and my V2 just had a baby boy! I probably won't be doing logs for the time being, just to enjoy my tamas in the moment without worrying about documenting things. But I have enjoyed the log-making process and I do intend to pick it back up again when the time comes! Thank you all for following along with my log and taking an interest in this little challenge!
  2. Narrowed down my active tamas to three since life got a little busier than usual. Won't be logging for a while but I am still running a few! :chohimetchi:

  3. Day 15 & 16 It's been a very eventful two days, but I am aware that I say that in every log Day 15 My Entama pair got married! And had an adorable pair of baby boys! It seems I'm officially in the Meme family now, though I'm hoping these boys can eventually pair with some members of the Kuchi-family as I'd like to try for some Kuchi characters in the future. My V3 pair left their babies, also boys: They enjoyed each other's company after evolving into a pair of Tamatchis: Day 16 Today began with the realization that my Petit family was of marriageable age! With some sadness at splitting up my adorable Petit family, I decided to go on the Dating Show and was paired with Chantotchi. It was really cute seeing them together as Petiputchi is a third her size. He had to jump to kiss her! They had three babies, two of which were Mimifuwatchi so I might try to get the Mame or Violet family for the next generation: Here are the parents after they evolved: Some quality time playing golf! And the evolved toddlers: Not long after, I was greeted by my Akai twin babies: They then evolved into Kuribotchi, which according to the growth charts is the result of poor care but I disagree. I took perfect care of them, so I think it may also have to do with which generation you're on: Since my Akai and Familitchi are early risers, I had some free time before the other babies woke up: They both evolved into Hitodetchi despite being different versions which I find cute (pink is Keitai, white is English V2): I wasn't expecting much else to happen today, and then I heard my Osu/Mesu pair evolve! I'm very pleased, I got Marumimitchi and Mimikotchi! Shortly after I was surprised again by my Uratama evolving into Ura Togetchi, one of my favorite characters: And then by my V3 pair evolving (I don't know about you but I love Pirorirotchi!) : And finally, my Ichigo Yogurt Keitai was paired with Kuchipatchi and had a baby boy!: Lots of excitement these last two days. Tomorrow should bring more, but I'm glad that all of these events happened on a lazy Sunday rather than a busy Monday. I was able to give my tamas my full attention and enjoy the games, use password and codes (finally!), and connect them for many playdates. All in all, a great tama day!
  4. My favorite artist is David Bowie Lately I've been listening to a lot of the neglected songs on my iTunes, from various artists/genres
  5. It's been much less stressful than I imagined, but that's because I work from home so I can keep them next to me at all times Some days when I'm very busy with work and other things, it can get a bit busy with the tamas especially when several of them are in similar stages (like when the parents have just left the babies all at the same time). But it's been fun, so I continue!
  6. Yes! I've been trying to get them to replicate it but I guess they all like each other too much now lol. Basically they send a gift and there's a little black skull inside (the same one that appears when they get sick), then the tama that received it looks sad and the attention icon goes off and you have to give them medicine.
  7. Day 14 Wow, it's been two weeks since I started this challenge! It feels like it was just a few days ago... Today was very eventful - so many marriages! My Keitai and Akais matchmaker appeared at the same time, so I was only able to snap a photo of the final product - a baby boy and two baby girls! Later in the day my V2 was matched with a Dorotchi and they had a baby boy! Here are all of the new parents, including the two V3s from yesterday. My Entama got a job at a flowershop! She and my watermelon tama have bonded to the highest friendship level. Once my Shimashimatchi is of age (so, tomorrow) they will be able to get married And finally, my Uratama had a nice relaxing bath. I envy him
  8. Haha is this a Transformers x Tamagotchi crossover?
  9. Day 12 & 13 It's been a busy few days, both for me and my tamas! Day 12 Yesterday we had a few evolutions - my Entamas evolved into Memetchi and Shimashimatchi. Forgot to get a photo of Memetchi, but oh well: Day 13 Today began with the marriage of my V3s, and the birth of their sons! Later on we had several evolutions. My Keitai evolved into Memetchi: My Uratama evolved into Kujakutchi: And my Osu/Mesu pair evolved into Morutchi and Moritchi! I've decided that when I end this challenge and begin running only a few tamas at once, I'll start with the Osu/Mesu pair. Since removing the batteries resets them, I'd like to keep them running to experience all TMP levels. That's it for today - I didn't do much visiting or playing games since I've been very busy with work. But the weekend is coming soon!
  10. Have a lot on my plate lately, so I think I'll be gathering a few days worth of photos for each log, since I haven't been able to log daily. :kusatchi:

  11. Jelly Bean is such a cute name! Looking forward to the rest of your log
  12. I've seen them too, but sadly they're usually North American sellers that don't want to ship internationally One day I'll find it though! For now, I'm on a tama-buying ban until further notice... also, cool hair color!
  13. Ugh one of my tama mails was almost here and randomly got returned to sender. DHL is seriously annoying...:angry:

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      @Knighttchi's Ballad The weird thing is that yesterday, right after being notified that DHL couldn't deliver my tama I got a knock at the door and it was a DHL delivery man delivering a different makes no sense. But oh well - the eBay seller is going to ship it again using a different courier so fingers crossed it works out!

    3. Knighttchi's Ballad

      Knighttchi's Ballad

      Man, that is weird. I hope it works this time around :^)

    4. Shulk


      Hope it works out! I heard DHL can be annoying.