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    v3, v4.5
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  1. in fourth grade i used to wear my tama on a lanyard around my neck. i had the coolest teacher ever and she let me play with my tama if the sound was off! but one day i had a substitute teacher.....she saw me pressing buttons on my tama and took my sweet v2 away and i did not get it back until the next day. luckily my zuccitchi didnt die!
  2. I think I get uninterested because I mainly run them for cool characters. v4.5 must despise me because Ive raised many generations and still NO tamas in the uramame family.... v4....meh. Ive had almost every character and a ton of universals. I really want a v3 because that was what I had when I was much younger...I loved watching them sleep and seeing the idle animations
  3. There is no age limit where you should stop having fun. Shoot, I'm almost 16 (which is still young to some people) & still play with tamagotchis, neopets AND toontown online!
  4. i want a v3 so bad! :(

    1. CheesyNoodleTama


      :( I did too, but I finally won one (after much bidding war) on ebay. You may wanna check around there. There's some pretty cheap ones. I got mine for around $12, shipping included.
    2. Brittygotchi


      V3's are one of my favorite versions! You should really save up for one :P

  5. You know you're obsessed when you cry because your tama turned into a universal character even though you took great care & had plans for it...... D:
  6. Can you hold any items on a V1? There is no shop or gotchi points, but in the little book section, there is a present option.
  7. ok so im currently running 2 v4s and they are both gozarutchi....and earlier i glanced over and they were pacing back and forth on their screens with a little backpack. ive never seen this before! is it just an animation they do? i didnt know v4s had other animations besides bathing/brushing teeth & pressing C button....
  8. my friend told me that turning off the light when your tama falls asleep will help it sleep longer & better. is that true? do they really wake up?
  9. when you take he batteries out of your tamas & arent sure what to do with your life now...trying to cut the addiction. bye guys.

  10. i take my tamas everywhere, including the bathroom. i am always on tama-related sites and watching tama reviews on youtube. always begging my sister to find her old tamagotchis and give them to me.... i think i have a problem.
  11. just found a gigapet-digipooch....what is this pup worth? anyone want it?

    1. Stefke2108


      Oh that's a lovely one, always loved them but mine broke :(

  12. Or does it not really matter? I used to feed my tamas scones/cones because it was easy & first on the list. Now I usually feed them bread & oranges only. I feel like those are "healthy" and just makes me feel better about giving them good food. Sometimes I feed the characters their favorite foods if I can snag 'em in the shop. What do you like to feed your pets? (Btw, I have a v4.5)