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  1. happy birthday!!

  2. Lol I remember having the problem the other way around with my Dinkie. The sound goes off but I couldn't get it to reset the time! Doing the same as you said.
  3. I have bought many things from him too, the items always arrive super fast and I'm in Europe (Japanese mail is quite fast though compared to US) Also they are always in perfect condition
  4. The +colour is kinda a vintage one made in colour I love it very much and prefer it over the IDL, just because the IDL has too many game-like functions for me and with all the download items and stuff it's just overdone.
  5. Oh I've been looking for this one actually, now that I see the baby in egg I recognize that it's the one my cousin used to have! She had it in English though, if that exists? Ofc now I want one of these
  6. I was about 12-13y old when Tama's came out and the first one I ever had was a Giga Pets Doggie (which wasn't in the poll) but soon after that I got a P1 and P2.
  7. That's a real Gyaoppi, I have a Gyaoppi 1 and that didn't cost that much as most are asking on Ebay either
  8. It even says "dog" with a picture of a puppy on the plastic so definitely fake.
  9. I don't think that would work because the real dinkie's have a bigger screen than most fake ones.
  10. Well I own a Gyaoppi dino, but the buttons didn't work that well so he became more annoying then fun to take care of, I ran it for about a day and I was bored of it Maybe this is because it's a Gyaoppi 1? Let me know when you'll be selling yours Kait Have been considering the MGA T-Rex, would prefer to get the Nano-clone Godzilla but can't seem to find one
  11. I have bought my Genjintch for a really good price from this guy. At first I was a bit unsure about him too but his price really beat all the others I saw. The tama arrived really fast considering where it came from (and shipping to Belgium is normally really slow!) think it got here in about a week? It was exactly as described, only the package had a few scratches but that was mentioned in his add, the Genjintch itself was new and never been taken out of the box.
  12. I only meant that as a reply to the quote I made Jhud...
  13. What I'm wondering more is why would you put on Ebay that your daughter has passed away....
  14. Hey all! I'm currently looking into buying a few vintage odd pets but I know that some are just ridiculously bad! So I'm wondering if some of you know some that are actually worth it. I own a Dinkie Dino, Nano pets and Giga pets so I know those are good, I'm looking for the more uncommon ones like a nice dinosaur pet would be great! Bought a few of which I'm very disappointed so thought I'd ask here first Thanks! Ebay links are welcome too.