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  1. Anyone know how to change the color of your character back to normal after eating desserts? You'd think taking a bath would, but it doesn't
  2. Does your character have to be an adult to unlock it? Edit: yep, mine was a teen and nothing unlocked
  3. I thought that second bag was tama underwear hahaha! It does exist though xD
  4. Turns out it unlocked everything on the next generation! Weird but glad i decided to keep running it just in case! So happy it's not a glitch!
  5. Yeah...I'm like Sheldon from the big bang theory, i need closure lol
  6. Most likely Could just be a problem with mine but don't see why it would be....unless others completed theirs with no problems
  7. I just obtained all 32 characters on my english id l but the final destination and icon banner didn't unlock. So mad. All that work for nothing.
  8. A couple days ago i got the cutest plush charms ever!
  9. Waiting for the Watchlin toy and a blue p's
  10. Yep Mimitchi (11/24/96)! I'm 6 years older than her though haha
  11. Question: if i use Mr. Blinkys debug download can i get the secret connection characters with their tamatomos (or having them show up in the book)? i don't have my p's yet, just wondering as i don't have multiples to connect to