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    -Pierces: Fairy, Anniversary, Coffret, Circus, Aikatsu, Baby Change, Sanrio, Ciao
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    -Santagotchi (lost through a scam)
    - TMGC+C - Pink

    -Pokemon Pikachu GS
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  1. yay v4 sold!

    1. WiiYoShi14


      Congrats! Yeah, I couldn't get it... sorry XD

    2. WiiYoShi14


      Congrats! Yeah, I couldn't get it... sorry XD

  2. Inbox has officially been cleared x-x

  3. Nooo, Mesutchi is now fat. Now its gonna take forever to get her back to normal T_T

    1. Flare.exe


      I feel you. Both of my tamas are 99 lbs right now since I haven't had time to take care of them well.

    2. Anny Biondi

      Anny Biondi

      Get Debutchi!

  4. And that makes two special Tamagotchis I've been scammed out of :/ I'm not doing trades anymore.

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. SailorRosette


      Thats horrible. I would recommend you check the join dates, the profile infomation (if there was any) and feedback. I hope they aren't here as if I find out, I go nuclear...

    3. Ashashichi


      It wasn't here on tamatalk, so no worries guys.


      Well, the second time being scammed wasnt on tamatalk.


    4. Midorime


      Whaaaaaaaaaaat?! I'm so sorry. :< It's why i prefer cash--if trading it's to be done in person if able.

  5. Tamagotchi Traders on Facebook is going to be the end of me X_X

    1. bluesteel649


      Why's that? :<

    2. Ashashichi


      so many tamas, so little money haha

  6. I have a Witches! 8D

    1. Midorime


      How did you get one? o.o And what color?

  7. bleh x-x

    1. The Ultimate Doomer
    2. Ashashichi


      Early with a tummyache is all lol

  8. Thank you everyone for the info I won't feel so guilty if I get the urge to open and play with it now. Never had a V4 before.
  9. Ah yeah I saw that, but that was for the english V3's that came out. Is this golden V4 and the golden V3 of equal rarity??
  10. Can someone give me some info on the Jinsei golden tamagotchi? I recently purchased it and would like a little bit more info if anyone has one, as I could barely find any. Through google translate I found out that it was released in Germany with only 3333 copies sold (the one I bought was 0895) Here's an image, any other info would be greatly appreciated:
  11. Man, I'd give my my devilgotchi AND my Hong Kong Anniversary vintage MIB for a Magical Witches...

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    2. Ashashichi


      I honestly don't mind which color I get really ;_;

    3. Midorime


      Oh? just to let ya know, each color/element has its own characters. So each single one is different.

    4. Ashashichi


      oh yeah I understand that, but I don't have a particular desire for a specific color. I am never picky when something is rare XD