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  1. Day Thirty-One 8/27/2012: 226 views! That's probably not a lot for most people, but that's a lot for me. Now, more on topic, we did really good in training today, and Jake and Willow got up to 90% with the easy-going item. Also, I wanted to do something fun, so I went online and found all the codes again and I got a lot of them in. I think they really like the flying monkey(: Continuing one with these one liners. I was wondering, why does the only thing special Jake get to do is use the toilet? Haha, well that's enough for now. Day Thirty-Two 8/28/2012: They evolved again! That means goodbye. That means I have to stop this log): But the good news is I'll be starting a new log for another type of Tamagotchi, and I'll be posting one more thing on this log. Oh, and they evolved in Kuchipatchi and Hotteatchi (hahahahahahahahaha). I think that Kuchipatchi and Hotteatchi are such a hilarious pair. Kuchipatchi is super fat and just wants to sleep, and Hotteatchi looks like a fashion model. No offense, but I liked them a lot more before. They were so cute! In my time with my v5, I still haven't found out why my memory book doesn't work! I realized maybe I shouldn't have taken the battery out and see what happens if you never marry them. Do they have oldies like the older versions (that sounds funny)? The world may never know. Bye! Please read my next log when it comes out. Thanks for staying with me 'til the end. Farewell! Hallelujah! Bon Voyage!!!!!!
  2. Day Twenty-Nine 8/25/2012: So today I named the son, and I'm sorry the names have been so bad lately, but I'll try again. His name is Jake. Just the simple name Jake. I guess it's a pretty good name. It's simple and common, but you have to pick the right person - or Tamagotchi - to wear it proudly. I noticed something recently with the family. I saw them doing an animation I had never seen before. It was one where they had a full background, and at first I thought it might have been something specific to having a Smart Family, but it looked a lot like they were doing the laundry. I'll give as much detail as I can and if someone can PM me to confirm what it is I'll be happy. So I've only ever seen the mom with one kid. Mom is on the floor and the kid is on a stool or something. There are faces all around the room and it seems like the kid is putting something into what looks like the fridge from when they used to talk to the fridge. I got up to 30% today, and I was training with the easy-going item - of course. So they finally got 'C' button animations(: I was thinking about one other thing, Tamagotchi's should go to the people from the other generations (their grandparents/ancestors) funerals and stuff, but haha I don't know. Day Thirty 8/26/2012: At eleven this morning, Willow turned into a Shelltchi and Jake turned into a Korokotchi. I think they're so cute because maybe it's just me, but these characters seem smaller than the other teens I've had. I got up to 60% today, and I have to be honest, in the past few generations I haven't been using the 'C' button animations, and I had forgotten what the 40% to 50% looked like. But it's the one where they all run off screen, come back, and fall. I really like the Shelltchi character, and I can not express that enough, she's so little and cute. I should have gone for an easy-going family earlier. I'm really sad this is my last generation, and I hope you are too, but I'll do another log. That's all for today. BYE!
  3. Day Twenty-Seven 8/23/2012: Today I got up to 30% with the smart item (although I'm still not sure if that even helps), and I'm also not sure if that helped me get requested to Mametchi to get married, but I did. It took me so long that I saw Planetchi...THRICE, so yeah...I guess it doesn't really help. The weird thing was they got married like five minutes before nine so the babies didn't evolve. But anyway, they were both Mimifuwatchis and I am now officially a smart family. Also, I found out if Violetchi always turns into a Mamavioletchi (which she doesn't), so that made me love my Violet family even more. Day Twenty-Eight 8/24/2012: My babies finally evolved this morning. They turned into Sakuramotchi (the main character) Mousetchi (the one on the left). I really like it when my parents match (why I didn't like choosing Planetchi) because I think they look so cute, especially Mamametchi and Papamametchi, who I named Samuel. I also named their daughter Willow, but I have a lot of trouble with the boys, so we'll have to see. I started training with the cheerful item just because I never had before, and I wanted to see what would happen. I got up to 20% at the end of the day. Okay, that's all.
  4. Day Twenty-Six 8/21/2012: WAITING WAITING WAITING If you couldn't tell, I'm waiting (again) to marry my Violetchi. So I've been training with the Smart Item still (don't know if that helps), and I got up to 10%. Day Twenty-Seven 8/22/2012: I finished waiting at around 5:00 tonight, and I tried to marry my Violetchi, but I thinking my bonding was too low to get a Mametchi I also realized I haven't even named then, so Kizatchi is Sparky and Violetchi is Willow. OMG, I'm so sorry that's all.
  5. Day Twenty-Five 8/20/2012: I finally decided to marry Mimi, so I went to the Match Maker. I was looking for Sukatchi, but I had to change the time SO MUCH because he didn't show up after TWELVE rounds. Another reason I really wanted the Violet family is because I think they're really unique, they're is no way to get the adult characters without this family. Well actually I wasn't sure of that because they turned into Mamavioletchi and Papakizatchi, but Mamavioletchi has Violetchi in the name and they look very similar, so maybe you get her no matter what, but still I'm not sure about either, guess we'll find out. I named Mimi's husband Faber, and she said goodbye to everyone. They had two babies, a Mimifuwatchi daughter and an Omututchi son. After an hour of constant pooping and whining, they finally took a nap, and when they woke up, they became Violetchi and Kizatchi, and I got to check out the family animation. I love the Violet family so much.
  6. Day Twenty-One 8/17/2012: Today I turned my Tamagotchi into a watch, and it worked great. The buttons were like mode buttons on a real watch. I got up to 70% before the Tamagotchis turned into adults at around three o'clock. They respectively transformed into Furikotchi, Violetchi, and Mumutchi. Some people may want to know why I'm trying to get a Violet family even after I said that pure families were the worst thing ever. Well it's because you want a goal to achieve, and I think the Violet family is gonna be pretty awesome. Day Twenty-Two 8/18/2012: I really put the pedal to the medal and got up to 100% bonding today (with some time tinkering). I just have to maintain it for 24 more hours and then I'll get to have a Violet Family (what I've been waiting for like my whole life). Sorry my log entries have been so short lately, but this is when their usually the shortest because all I'm doing is WAITING! They'll be long again when I have new baby Tamas. I think it's odd how this is the first time I've had a male main character, but it's also the first time I've not married my main character. Day Twenty-Three 8/19/2012: First thing, we drove to Maine yesterday and I of course brought my Tamagotchi, but it almost died. TWICE. That was because in the morning I forgot about it until twelve because we were doing so much stuff, but I saved it in time. Still it had a little cloud and was all Ahhhh! Good description, no? Well they almost died. If this happens to you, just feed them. Then at four we left to go on a hike and I FORGOT MY TAMAGOTCHI!!! But I did the math and said that if they woke up at seven and I didn't care for them until twelve, so that's five hours. So they'll be okay until they go to sleep. It turns out we got back at eight and they were okay. I'm such a bad caretaker!!
  7. Day Nineteen 8/15/2012 Today, right on schedule, my tamagotchis appropriately evolved into Mamekatchi, Chamametchi, and Bakutchi. I say this is appropriate because Mamekatchi (Olie) and Chamametchi (Mimi) are smart characters, and once I trained with the cheerful item, and Bakutchi (Sven) is a cheerful character (ironic, huh?). I missed some of the training sessions (and some just plain didn't show up) today, so I didn't actually reach my goal of 40% /: I'm a little worried now. And yesterday I had another mistake (which of course I didn't fix) and I wrote "really" instead of "real" (you won't believe how often I do that). That doesn't really matter, but this entry is really short and I don't know what to write! Oh well, I'll write more tomorrow. Day Twenty 8/16/2012 Okay, so since yesterday I didn't get to 40%, I admit I was a little worried that they might evolve early and Mimi wouldn't become Violetchi. So I paused them for most of the day, but then at free period at camp I got up to 60%. So now, I probably won't evolve at the correct time, but at least I'll evolve into the correct character. And today, I came up with an AMAZING idea. Turn your Tamagotchi into a watch. Then you can have it on clock mode and just press one button if you need to check on them. Ingenious, huh? I think I'm going to try that out. And right when my entries were getting so long): #writersblock
  8. Day Eighteen 8/14/2012 First thing, there are a few lies in my last log entry. The first one is that I actually hate the names I picked, but I didn't wake up early enough to change them. I actually liked Mimi and Maxwell, but I had to rush the other one. And I like the new one I came up with A LOT, but it doesn't fit with Maxwell, but I liked it better so I had to pick a new name for him too. I hope your getting all of this. So anyway, here's the new names: 1. Olie (Middle) 2. Mimi (Left) 3. Sven (Right) Olie, Mimi, and Sven, I don't know about you, but I just really liked the way that sounds. The other thing wasn't really a lie, just something I forgot. So usually when my Tama gets married, I tell you what the parents turn into (even though you already know what each character turned into), but just for the record, they turned into Planetchi (Kassidy) and Papamametchi (Cricket). Where they're names come from is a very long story. Maybe some other time (; Now I'll start with my really entry (which is ironically shorter than my mistakes from the last one). Why do I think a Violet family is the hardest to get? Because to get the Violetchi character (which you must have to get a Violet family), you have to have a bonding level of 50-70%, but to get a pure family, Violetchi must have 100% bonding when she gets married. So you have to make sure before your teens evolve, that you have 50-70% bonding, but you have only 48 hours as an adult to get up to 100%. Then you have to go to the Match Maker again and again and again until you get recommended for a Sukatchi (but that's beyond the point). So that's why. So today I only did half of my training to maintain 20% bonding. Tomorrow I will do all the sessions and get up to forty. Then on the last day of being a teen, that allows me to do however much training I want, and I probably won't go over. So there's my master plan. And oh wait I forgot. Then in two days I'll have to get it into top gear and get up to 100%. See ya'll (I'm not southern) later! And hopefully there's no mistakes this time. *crosses fingers*
  9. Day Seventeen 8/13/2012 It's always big news for my log when something actually happens, and today something did! As soon as my Tamagotchi woke up this morning, I took Kassidy to the Match Maker because I wanted my soon to be very high maintenance babies to have grown up before I got to camp. First Monopatchi was recommended to me. Next it was Kuchipatchi, he has a high level, but is an easygoing character. Then Furikotchi popped up on the screen. I chose him because he is a smart character and that may help me get Violetchi. Also, he was a medium level as well as my last choice. I always have to name my spouses and this one's name is Cricket. We said goodbye and did that normal routine then there were THREE EGGS! I finally got three eggs again! Okay, so first the middle one hatched (like usual). It was a Mimifuwatchi, and so was the next one. This was very confusing at first, but I didn't realize until later, that she was my only daughter, as well as my only hope at getting Violetchi. The one on the right was the last and was an Omututchi and was another boy. This was the first time my main character was a boy. This time, they didn't take a nap as babies, but they still evolved in exactly one hour. They became (from left to right), Sakuramotchi, Mousetchi, and Ahirukutchi. now I have to name them. They became: 1. Mimi (because of her character as a baby) 2. Fievel (because of the mouse from "An American Tail") 3. Maxwell (because I like that name) Today that got up to 20% bonding, which I thought was good until I realized Violetchi was a medium character. I'll have to balance it out. I always trained with the smart item except once when I accidentally hit the cheerful item because that is practically programmed into my fingers by now. Okay that's all, but a lot.
  10. Day Fifteen 8/11/2012 Are there any breakfast items on the V5? It puzzles me because I've been downloading lots of things from the internet, but they all seem like Japanese meals (except the hamburger), so I always end up feeding my Tamagotchi bread for breakfast because that seems like the most breakfast-y food in the game, but I think there's like 20 more meals to download, so I don't know. Well anyway, today was one of those off-days where NOTHING ACTUALLY HAPPENS, and especially if you leave your Tamagotchi accidentally at home while you go to the craft fair (sorry...) Today wasn't a positive day in any way because I have news. So guess what. I'm going back to camp on Monday so it might be hard to take care of the Tamagotchi and log and everything, but stay positive because I'm taking a day off on Wednesday (but I'll probably have to catch up on summer reading) I've been looking at those views too, over 100! (that's a lot for me lol) Day Sixteen 8/12/2012 Today, something happened. Or...well at least ALMOST happened. Actually, no. Something did happen today. We got up to 30% training. So, I don't know if Tamagotchis make a certain sound when it's training time because I have my sound off to conserve energy (does putting batteries in the fridge really work?), so I had always thought I had been missing the training sessions. I set an alarm on my cellphone each time it could have been a training session, but out of 10:00AM, 12:00PM, 2:00PM, 4:00PM, and 6:00PM, only 2:00PM and 6:00PM gave me the option to train. I found this odd because in the last few generations, I was allowed to train about 90% of the time, but it also makes sense because I had been missing training sessions by about 10 minutes (and I was almost positive there's a 15 minute window), and there was no change in my bonding percentage, even after there really should have been. But somehow, with only two training sessions, I got up to 30% - and that's what happened today. But something else was going to happen, Kassidy was going to get married, but having such a low bonding percentage leads to getting bad characters. I think I should probably marry a Mametchi or another smart character so it will be easier to get a Violetchi, but I don't know if that has anything to do with it. That's all that happened. I'll write more tomorrow. Tata for now, logworms.
  11. Day Thirteen 8/9/2012 Today I found out my master plan. I don't think I told you yet that I am going to do six generations which each of my Tamagotchis then go to the next one. So her is what I'm going to do for the next generations: 4. I'll have a Blended Family, but I'll try to get a Violet Family 5. I will try to marry the Violetchi to a Mametchi to get a Smart Family 6. I'm not really sure, but I kind of want to get a Hatugatchi or a Watatchi so I can have a special character On another note, about my Tamagotchi now, I got up to 20% today, and I had 30%, but I missed the two final training sessions and I think that brought me back down. Also, I've still been wondering why I can't get on Tama Town (yes, I even went to the library to try there), and I've been to many places to try. I guess I'm beginning to think it's a problem with the server, not with me. In my first generation, I used lots of cheats and things to help me excel my Tama, but I haven't had as much time to use them, so now my Tamagotchis aren't as good. I haven't been downloading items from the internet or anything anymore. My Tamas have much less bonding percentage as well as money (haha) now that I stopped, and I really need to start caring about my Tama a lot again. Day Fourteen 8/10/2012 I missed every training session today by like four minutes and I got really frustrated, but somehow, at the end of the day, my Kassidy still evolved into a Sunnytchi. Then I started thinking about how weird it was that even when the Tamagotchis are adults, they still need help playing games with their mom and dad (the golf one reminded me of my dad and my grandpa), when I know, I am going to be nowhere NEAR my parents when I grow up. I was reading my other entries because I have a question. A while back I was saying how it was weird that Hero and Kiera and Paige didn't get put in the memory book, when they got sent back to Tamagotchi Planet. So, what does go in the memory book? Also, at the end of my log, I came up with the idea to create a family tree or something like that to show everything the Lewis family has done over six generations in a short little snippet.
  12. Day Eleven 8/7/2012 I finally got up to 10% bonding, but it seemed much harder for some reason. I also was playing games and got up to 20 in each game. Tea Time was the easiest, then Shoe Pairs, then Golf Putt, and finally TV Surfing seemed to be the hardest for me. While doing this, I also made over 500 coins. I haven't checked bacck on my 1,00 point cheat for a while so I don't know what the code for Hoshitchi is. Also, I didn't know what item to train with because I don't know what kind of character Hoshitchi is and there's no point any way because there's no way to curve Kassidy's growth. A few days ago I was talking about the family animations and how fun and cute they were especially for pure families, well being a blended family again I don't have those anymore, and until today I thought raiding/talking to the fridge wasn't performed anymore, but this afternoon I saw Kassidy AND Alice doing it together. I watched some Tamagotchi movies online with my Tamagotchi's today (the one with Momothci(: ), and we were all lazy bums together all day, it was funny because while watching the movie, the animation where the father and daughter watch TV appeared, so it was like Kassidy and Kaleb were watching with me(: Day Twelve 8/8/2012 I'm sad because I train every time I can with Kassidy, but it doesn't seem to be bringing up our bonding percentage at all. I'm even using the special items now. Is there something wrong with my Tamagotchi? On the positive side, however; Kassidy evolved this afternoon. She turned into a Mikazukitchi which is cute, but not as cute a Hoshitchi, but I'm still happy to be progressing, but this also means I'm getting closer to saying goodbye to Alice and Kaleb and for Kassidy to turn into an adult ):
  13. Day Nine 8/5/2012 Today I just trained with my Tamagotchis and got up to 60%. Then, right before they were about to go to bed, I got an offer from Planetchi to marry Sunnytchi. My original plan was just to get a Cheerful Family, but I didn't want to pass up this offer. Tori, Frenando, and Paige said goodbye for good then Alice and her husband who I named Kaleb evolved into Mememamatchi and Planetchi and they had an Iwatchi baby. Then everyone went to sleep. Day Ten 8/6/2012 Early this morning, Iwatchi woke up and evolved into a Hoshitchi, and until then, I never looked to see if it was a girl or a boy. It was a girl, so I named her Kassidy. I had to pause for a lot of the day because I went to the theme park, so I didn't get to train much): In fact, I didn't get to do much of anything with my Tamagotchi today. I'm sorry my entries have been so short lately.
  14. Day Six 8/2/2012: Today not much happened because I need to wait for my Tamagotchis to be adults for 48 hours so they can be married. It is going to be very sad when Hero and Kiera leave, but hopefully they will be added to the memory book. Day Seven 8/3/2012: Today I wasn't able to marry Tori until later than I'd hoped. I wasn't able to get a moment to watch the ceremony (I wanted to leave lots of time), so I tried first at around three. I didn't get Mumutchi though): When I tried to go back to Matchmaker, she was sleeping! I looked online for what you do, so I did a little fiddling with the time so my Tamagotchis would fall asleep then wake up. The first thing I realized though was that I had somehow gotten down to 90% bonding even though I trained them every time today. Maybe it has something to do with going to the Matchmaker. Well either way, I had to change the time AGAIN! After I got 100% bonding, I went back to the Matchmaker and Mumutchi came up under the second curtain! I chose to marry him then said goodbye to Kiera and Hero then Tori and her husband turned into a Mememamatchi and a Memepapatchi then they had two Omututchi daughters. I tried the two family games which were actually very fun, but I was slightly disappointed when I went to the memory book and Kiera and Hero weren't there. I went to take a shower, and when I finished, the babies evolved. They became Memetchi and Imotchi. I was pleasantly surprised by this, but also slightly confused because I know Memetchi is and adult, but Imotchi looked a lot like a child. I discovered that there was only one stage of pure families. I also realized having a pure family was extremely boring, so as soon as I can, I am going to marry Imotchi because I don't want another Meme family. I also came up with names for my Tamas. The Imotchi is Paige, and the Memetchi is Alice. Sadly, the bonding went back to 0% and I only got up to 20% today because I was trying not to use the special items to much. But I absolutely love the pure family (and just the plain second generation) animations. That's all. Thanks for reading my loggie. Day Eight 8/4/2012: While online today, I was researching pure families and I was disappointed to find out that my suspicions were correct and Imotchi is just a child which means I have to marry Alice. I wanted to get that done as soon as possible. Today I did lots more fiddling with time because first I wanted to stop being a pure family as soon as possible, but I wanted to be a cheerful family, so I wanted to marry Sukatchi, but he never showed up. I thought that maybe this was because I didn't have enough bonding percentage so I went through every hour on the clock and got up to 50% bonding. But I still didn't get to marry Sukatchi.
  15. Day Five 8/1/2012 I have a lot more to write today. Okay, so first, I was able to devise a system to take care of my Tamagotchis, so I was able to check on them every hour or so. I kept the Tamagotchi in my backpack most of the day, and when I went to the bathroom, it made it's way to my pocket. Each time I went to the bathroom, instead of just feeding them and letting them play with the cruise ship (which conveniently enough fills three happy hearts), I also played a game with them. When I was "looking for my lunch money" around 12:30 this afternoon, I was shocked to see my Tamagotchi's had already turned into adults! And the best part is, Tori became a Memetchi! That means I can get a Meme family. Unfortunately, Kiera did not evolve into a Violetchi, so I can't get a flower family. But Kiera did evolve into a Chantotchi, and Hero became a Sukatchi. Since the beginning, even when they were just babies, I didn't really want to marry the main character, but I kind of have to now to get a Meme family. Also, I will be very sad to say goodbye to Hero and Kiera, but I'm sure they will be happy on Tama Planet and will forever be in my heart. About getting a Meme family, to get a Meme family, first you have to get a Memetchi. Done! Second, you have to have 100% bonding, which I happened to just get today! Check! And last you have to marry a Mumutchi. I haven't done that yet, but I'm working on it. At 1:00 PM on Friday I will visit the Matchmaker (because you have to be 48 hours as an adult before you can get married), and I won't leave until Mumutchi appears on one of those cards.