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    New York~
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    Tamagotchis (well duh xD), Music, Reading, Writing, and a lot more things x3


    Well since I said music, I guess I'll tell you a little bit about that ^_^
    I love all kinds of music and I DJ sometimes too x3

    My favorite singer is Ayumi Hamasaki. She's helped me with so much ^^~
    Other artists that I really enjoy are Amuro Namie, Koda Kumi, Utada Hikaru, Miliyah Kato, Kotoko, Ailee, Younha, and a few more I don't feel like listing. xP

    I have a few favorite bands actually ^3^ I love Last Alliance, Apink, Sistar, SNSD, Exo, Mamamoo, and a few others. As you can tell, I'm pretty big into J-Pop and K-Pop. xD

    I've been through a lot throughout the past few years. I'm very understanding because of that, so if you ever have a problem, or you just need someone to talk to, you can talk to me (even if we haven't talked before)! ^_^ <3

    I apologize if my English isn't good at times, it's not my first language.

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    I've been collecting Tamagotchis since I was 7 (2005) and I've loved them ever since. I currently have an Angelgotchi, a V1, a V2, 7 V3's, a V4, a V4.5, a V5, a Music Star/V6, 4 Tama-Go's, and a 4U. ^-^

    Sadly, no v5.5...and that makes me a little OCD. Dx
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    That's like asking a mother to pick her favorite child. I can't pick! xD
  • Favorite Tamagotchi Character
    Kuromametchi ^_^
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    I'm not gonna bother updating this anymore since this changes alllllllllll the time xD

    (Currently running my 4U and I love it way too much)

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    http://Oh, if I had one.
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    *Jabs* O.o
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    Skype...sky..pe. Sky...pee? Sky pee! xD

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  1. Been so busy looking after my sisters' tamas that I haven't even had a chance to start up another one for myself xD

  2. Beep boop boop beeeeep

  3. Arguably the best day of my life today (despite studying so hard for my political science final). Pokémon Sun and Moon announcements AND Ayumi Hamasaki dropped her new album. Loving life xD

    1. Meg&Dia


      xD it all worked out in the end

  4. Can't wait for this semester to end. I just wanna have time to play more video games and run more tamas. College is not fun. XD

    1. Purimatchi!
    2. ForgottenUsernames


      When my school year is over I have to get ready for high school to smack me in the face.

    3. kuromametchix3


      omg :o good luck, it isn't hard! you'll do well as long as you stay dedicated to your studies. then you'll get to college and it will be a breeze :)

  5. I want to write a book called "How Utada Hikaru ruined my life" because she is so amazing

  6. Are there any other native Japanese speakers on this site/people who know/are learning Japanese? I'd like to be friends xD

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. kuromametchix3


      That's cool! x3 Hello :D

    3. StelSolari


      Saw this a little late but I took a course in Japanese last quarter and I'm taking more this year!

    4. kuromametchix3


      saw this late too xD that's so cool!

  7. When I was in second grade, a few people had Tamagotchis. My neighbor who was my age was on my bus and she had a version 1 and would let me play with it. I begged my mom forever to buy me one, but she always told me she could never find one at the store. One day she managed to find it and I was beyond happy. I went to my friend's house that day and showed her my new Tama and she wanted one too. It was such a fun time. Everyone in my class had them and my teacher thought they were so cute. Those were the days. now I'm currently a freshman in college and still loving Tamas even more that before :3
  8. Ringotchi and Yattatchi Pet Pouches, and the Ringotchi, Memetchi and Kuchipatchi Tama-Go figurines. Should be getting most of them in 2 days (thank you Amazon Prime )
  9. I could probably write an essay on things that currently annoy me. But I won't x3 -When people are late -People who don't say please or thank you -People who don't greet others with a "hello" Ugh ..
  10. Bought some Pet Pouches and Tama-Go figurines and a whole lot of J-Pop CDs with some of my Christmas money. x3

    1. ichiro.malfoy


      Awesome loot there!! :D

    2. kuromametchix3


      Yeeeesss!! So excited <3