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  1. I'm ordering my first 4u today x3

  2. Sorry for the delay everyone. I started classes today, plus I had to work and yesterday I was at a HIM concert in Cincinatti Ohio. It was amazing! We were right up front, as close to the stage as you could get! The bassist threw me a guitar pick and I got a used water bottle! I literally cried when they came on stage. HIM is my all time favorite band, but enough about that. Meanwhile, Kenta married a Yumemetchi and gave me my 3rd generation tama which so happens to be a girl! I think I'll name her Candy. Well I'm gonna wrap this log up early for now. I'll check back once Candy gets a little older. Bye for now!
  3. My tama evolved into Mametchi today!! Just in time for my Sanrio pierce to arrive a whole month early! Lucky lucky!

  4. Well guys it finally happened! Ammy got hitched! To a Chamametchi! Yeah yeah. You don't have to act so suprised. I am quite the stud muffin y'know. Whatever helps you sleep at night, Am. Anyways once the two of them head off to Tamagotchi Planet it will thus conclude the current running of my Tamago until classes end for fall break. Hey hey! Don't forget about me! Oh yeah! Today after work Kenta evolved into a *drumroll* ............ Mametchi!!! Yaaay me! Yes! And just in time too because my Sanrio pierce came in the mail today so you know what that means! I get to be dressed up as Hello Kitty... Yes! And we all know what a Sanrio fan I am! Which means I now have a Sanrio living room, Hello kitty suit and bow, and Lala's wand. Good stuff. Good stuff. So I'll be posting a review on it somewhere on tama talk. I just might make a video too but who knows. They should make a Pokemon or Bleach pierce next! That'd be cool. For now I've got my sights set on the Dream Change Ribbon and Berry Sweets, but I'm afraid they'll have to wait. Aww why? Because I'm saving up to get some hair extentions and color. Oooh. What color are you going to get? I'm thinking of going back to my natural color. Fire engine red? Uh.. no? Bleach blonde? No! Eggplant purple! What? No no no! Is that even a color? Well your hair has been all of those colors. None of them are your natural colors? Guys... look at my eyebrows. Eeesh... they need plucking. I mean the color! >< Ooooh you mean black? Yes... I want to dye my hair dark again so it looks like my natural color. Cool. I feel like that conversation was lengthy and unnessicary. Perhaps. We're going to lose our popularity if you keep talking, Rainbow. ..... Aaaaaaand with that we end tonight's log! Ammy out! See ya guys!
  5. Woah guys check it out! We're up to 126 veiws and 5 stars! Awesome! I'm impressed! We're becoming more popular by the day! Knew it was all me. Silly Cake. She obviously can't deny I have more fans! *smacks Ammy* Guess again! Hey! What are you doing here? Aren't you supposed to be back on Tamagotchi planet? I just came back to check on my little Kenta! Hey, Mom! Oh look at you! You're growing up so fast! You're already a Cosmotchi! Mo-om you're embarassing me! C'mon Kenta give mommy a kiss! Stop it! Hahaha well guys I better close up this log for Kenta's sake! (I told you Cake would visit) Please?? Mmmmmmmwah! Yaaaah! Ahahahaha!!!
  6. Today will be a quick update. I'm a little sad because Cake got married to her prince charming Knightchi this morning. I'm going to miss her but I'm sure she'll be happy. On the brighter side of things, I get to take care of her son! Everyone, I'd like you to meet little Kenta! H-Hi Tamatalk! Kenta is a little shy. I'm sure he'll grow out of it. As for Ammy not much has changed. I think once he's married I'll pause my tamago. I was right when I anticipated running two tamagotchis at the same time would be difficult with a job AND classes on the way. In the mean time I've been watching some more OHSHC. So far I'm on episode 4. I kind of put the breaks on it to catch up on some 101 Dalmatians: the series, which was my favorite show growing up. So for now I bid you adieu! Say goodbye, Kenta. Bye bye!
  7. I've concluded it's almost impossible to get a perfect care tama when you've got a job!!!

    1. nerdbot


      Pausing is such a virtue.

    2. Amarisje


      i'm working parttime and i pause it when i'm working. It's unpause the days i'm at home and then it works great ^-^

  8. Woah guys check it out! What? What? We've already got 106 veiws and 4 stars! Ah hah! I told you I had fans! Oh please. People obviously read this blog beacuse of me! You wish, Ammy! Hey, hey, hey now! Cut it out you two! Sorry Rainbow.... Okay. So Cake, give us the scoop. What did you do today? Oh yeah! Well this morning me and Bonbon went on a shopping spree. I bought two new dresses, a ribbon, a tiara, and a kitty cat hat. Who's Bonbon? My Furilavuchi of course. Oh. Anyway after that we went to Gochi Reform where I finished up my collection on pink jewel furnishings! My house is finally complete! To celebrate, Bonbon and I went outside and planted some sunflowers in the yard! My favorite flower! I knew you'd like it, Rainbow! I also got a new house. Now I have a bigger window and a new sofa! Wow you guys, you're starting to inspire me to re-arrange my room! Do it, Rainbow! Haha I just might! Anyway I think Cake will probably get married tomorrow. I'll be sad to see her go but I'm sure she'll visit from time to time. As for Ammy I think it'll be a few days. Until then thank you everyone who's taken the time to view our log! For now lets aim for 200!!! Alas I will hate to leave my adoring fans but not even they can hold back my unbridled passion! Oh brother... As for me I've begun watching Ouran High School Host Club again. If you haven't seen it I suggest you look for it on Youtube! But I digress. Bye for now, guys!
  9. Wow lots of stuff has happened since our last log. For starters Cake finally got a pet Furilavutchi! She;s so cute! Also Ammy and Cake both evolved this morning. Cake is now a sweet Amakutchi and Ammy's a Kutchipatchi! Hehehe Hey what's up with Cake? Cake's got a little boyfriend xP What?? *sigh* Knightchi is soooo dreamy! Oh brother.... What did the two of you do on your date today? Well we met at the park. First we played on the beach and then we had ice cream at the amusment park! I was so afraid to get on the ferris wheel at first but Knighty made me feel better! Aww how sweet! Oh but that's not the best park. When we went on our picnic, he KISSED ME! Do you think the two of you will get married soon? Oh stop, Rainbow you're making me blush! Blech! You're just jealous, Ammy because you don't know what it's like to be loved! Whatever... What? Don't you want to get married, Ammy? Not anytime soon! Hehehehe! What's so funny, Cake? What? Oh nothing I was just thinking about Knighty again! Ugh! Hahaha well I think we'll be hearing wedding bells for Cake pretty soon! *covers ears* Lalalalalalalaaaaaaa!!!!! Hehehehehe Ammy... Uh not so much!
  10. Hi tama fans! I'm going to start this log out with what I did today. After work we went to a cook out with my boyfriend. We played corn hole and ate hot dogs and... and... CHEESECAKE! No thanks. What...? I don't want any cheese. No! I meant I ate cheesecake today at the cook out! Ooooh... Wait. Whaaaaaaaat????? You had cheesecake and didn't share any with us? Sorry guys but it's just too good to share! And you say you love us... -.- How could you, Rainbow!?!?! *sob* Gosh guys calm down! It was only cheesecake! Hey what's corn hole? .... What? You said you played cornhole. What kind of game is that? Well it's where you- Sounds naughty... You guys don't have much of an attention span do you? She's avoiding the question... Uh... Never mind I don't wanna know!!! *covers ears* Lalalalalalalaaaaaa!!!! Okay... um.... SHHHHHHH!!!!! I have news!!!! ....... Do tell, Ammy! While Rainbow was at work I evolved into Kilalatchi! Yaaaaaaay!!!! *sets off party poppers!* Why are you two so hyper, today? Oh, did you hear something, Ammy? Hmm.... Nope. No Good for nothing cheesecake hogs here. Oh good. On with showering me with congradulatory sparkles! .... Well it would appear as if Cake and Ammy aren't speaking to me for the rest of the night. I swear the lengths these two will go for desserts... Oh well. I'm sure they'll forget all about it after they get some sleep. Did you hear something? Nope. *Sigh* Well guys that's all for today. It's these guys's bedtime anyways! *Ignoring* *Ignoring* Ugh....
  11. Hey guys it's Rainbow And Cake! Ammy has already gone to sleep so it's just us for now. Thank goodness! Don't be mean, Cake. Sorry I just don't want him hogging my spotlight! Spotlight...? Yes! Because while you were slaving away at work I evolved into a teen! A Nokobotchi to be spacific Told you you'd evlove soon! Yeah! Now I can adopt a pet! Right? RIGHT??? Hahah yeah sure. YAAAAAAY!!!! Well why don't you tell everyone what you did at preschool? Oh yeh! I drew a picture of the sky :3 It was actually pretty good. I'm impressed, Cake. Of course you're impressed! I'm practically the next Piccaso! I wouldn't go that far.... Ugh! Don't you dare rain on my parade, Rainbow! You're a mess.... A beautiful mess! heh heh well I think I'm going to close this log up early tonight. Ugh some people just don't appreciate fine art... Buy for now guys!
  12. Ugh what am I going to do What's wrong, Rainbow? I have to go to work today and I have no idea what I'm going to do about you guys. Take us with you! There's no way I can take you both into work with me. Ammy, I'm sorry but I'm going to have to pause you before I leave. NOOOOO NO FAAAAIR!!!!! Calm down it's only for a couple of hours. But what about Cake?? Hmm I'm debating on it. I could send you to day care for a while but it would totally depleat our gotchi points... Ugh no way I worked hard for those! I know, I know... *sigh* I think I'm going to have to bring you along with me. Yaaay!! ^^ What!? No faaaaaair! Nofairnofairnofairnofairnofairnofairnofairnofaaaaaaaaaaaaair!!!! Sorry Ammy! I just don't want you dying while I'm working. Yeah that's true.... Hey Ammy, aren't you forgetting something? What...? Oh yeah! Last night I evolved into a toddler, Mattarichi! Congrats, Ammy! I wish I'd hurry up and evolve! >.< Don't worry, Cake! You will soon I know it! So let's recap on what we've done so far today. I woke up to the sound of Ammy waking up. He was hungry so I gave him some pork and beans and played long jump with him. Cake woke p not feeling too well so I gave her some medicine and she perked right up. I gave her some rice for breakfast and then we played jump rope! Jump rope in the morning is too exhausting! Don't be lazy >< You're one to talk, Ammy! What's that supposed to mean? You're named after a fattening dessert! D:< Well I never! Okay guys break it up. I've gotta go eat lunch and get ready for work so behave yourselves. Okay... Hmmph fine.... See you guys next time! Stats: Name: Cake Tamagotchi: Puchihanachi Gender: Female Age: 1 Weight: 10 g Generation: 1 Hunger: 3/4 Puzzle: 0/4 Personality: Stylish Name: Ammy (Amaterasu) Tamagotchi: Mattarichi Gender: Male Age: 1 Weight: 23 lbs Generation: 5 Hunger: 4/5 Happy: 5/5 Training: 6 Friendship: 5/6 Gotchi Points: 13790
  13. Helloooooo Tamataaaaalk!!!! Ammy what are you doing....? Uh making my graaaand debut what else? *Sigh* This is Ammy from my Tamago. I've had my Tamago for a while now but the batteries died ages ago and I finally got around to getting new ones. I debated on running it again because classes will be starting soon, plus I have a part time job so I'm already going to be busy. I'm not sure if I can juggle two tamagotchis at once... But I eventually caved. I'm starting to wish you didn't -.- ...... Hey c'mon now, Cake I did it for you. This is so you won't get lonely when I'm away. Yeah, Cake. Buck up there lil camper! But he woke me up. Uggggh... I'm going to bed But, Cake aren't you going to tell everyone about your new renovations? ....... Ah, well not much has changed with Cake. We played at the game center until we racked up enough points to renovate her living room. Of course she picked the Rainbow backdrop. Hey, hey! Tell everyone about my house! Oh yeah. Ammy's house has a checkered floor, a sofa, a bay window and.... a giant bunny in the corner...? Heh heh heh.... heh..... ........ Uh... YAAAAAWN... um I'm gonna go to bed too. Night! *runs off* Sigh* well I guess that's all for now. I'll update some more tomorrow and from now on, Ammy will also be included in my logs, however, on some occasions I'll let each of them have their own log time. So for now, stats! (FYI Cake's stats haven't changed much since earlier so I won't update them) Name: Ammy (Amaterasu) Tamagotchi: Kinotchi Age: 0 Weight: 5 lbs Generation: 5 Training Points: 0 Friendship: 2/6 Hunger: 2/5 Happy: 2/5 Current Gotchi Points: 8290 Rainboooooow feed meeeeee! Play with meeeeeee waaaaaaah!!!! Uh... gotta go guys
  14. The very first Rainbowmetchi Daily Tama Log is officially posted! Check it out!

  15. Helloooo tama fans! Rainbowmetchi here. This is my first tamagotchi log featuring my pink tamagotchi p's! And this is my adorable Puchihanachi, Cake! Hello my adoring fans! I'm Cake and I love bowtie pasta! Um okay? What? Don't you like bowtie pasta? Well yeah but.. it's sort of irrelevent. And you don't have any fans this is a brand new log! Bowtie pasta is never irrelevent! XD And don't you dare rain on my fabulous parade, Rainbow! Wow um... okay then. Anyways Cake arrived in the mail today and we've already done so much! Grrrrrrrrrow ...... I'm hungry, Rainbow. What? But you just ate a cheeseburger from the food cart! HUUUUUUUUUUUUUUNGRYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!! Ugh fine, here's a rice bowl. No! I want macaroni! But we don't have any macaroni, cake. What's a macaroni cake? Oh goodness... I can already tell today is going to be a long day... Anyways Cake why don't you tell everyone about your day? *now stuffing her face* Thorry mah mouf ith full of rithe... *Sighs* Alright. For starters Cake and I first visited the park. We ran into an adorable Yumekyatchi and Cake played with it for a while. Awww Yumekyatchi! I want one, Rainbow! PLEEEEEEEZE?? Haha okay, Cake. When you're older. Awww.... *pouts* After going to the park we headed to the Game Center and played jump rope and sushi catch for a while to get some gotchi points. I'm saving up for a new house! Then we went to the paint shop and Cake got a makeover. As if I need one. I'm the most beautiful tamagotchi in the universe!!! ...... You're supposed to agree with me, Rainbow.... ....... D:< Hahaha calm down, Cake. You're beautiful! Hmmph.... For now we're going to keep playing games and save up for some new interior decor. And I'm working on my style so I can grow up to be a Kiraritchi! So wish us luck! Oh and I almost forgot to post Cake's current stats! Name: Cake Tamagotchi: Puchihanachi Age: 0 Weight: 28 g Generation: 1 Personality: Stylish Hunger: 4/4 Puzzle Pieces: 0/0 Current Gotchi Points: 640 Well I think that's all for now unless you have something to say, Cake. Hey, Rainbow where's that macaroni cake you were talking about? I'm hungry again. DX Ugh! Bye for now, guys! Goodbye my adoring fans! hehe