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    Pink hearty Version 4 ♥

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    My brother's broken blue Familitchi!

    White Japanese Tamagotchi iD L ♥

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    Tamagotchi P's Melodyland set

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    Blue Tamagotchi 4U ♥
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    Do you knooooow how hard it is to run multiple colours? *enter bad-care character here*

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  1. GotchiGuardian

    Tamagotchi TV - New official Tamagotchi Youtube channel

    Wow! Looks great. I didn't know they'd stopped doing the anime :/ Then again, I'm totally behind on all the episodes XD What's happening on 2015.10.1?
  2. GotchiGuardian

    Interesting cases

    Neat idea!! Makes the tamas look that much cuter!
  3. The 4U, iD L and P's are all colour tamas. In order of release they are: the iD L, the P's, and the 4U (which is quite new, actually). I suggest doing what TamaMum said, though - ease yourself into tamas by perhaps collecting the classic black-and-white connections to appreciate the evolution, and then maybe get a colour tamagotchi later on. It's up to you at the end of the day! To be honest if you're going for colour tamas, I would get an iDL first. Again, it's just another evolution of tamagotchis, so I think you'd appreciate the separate versions if you got them in order, especially with the iDL. But then I do have three So yeah. Happy tama collecting, and welcome back!
  4. GotchiGuardian

    What did I just buy? @.@

    WoooOoooOooOwww... That looks interesting! Like some sort of gameboy/digimon crossover that's still a tamagotchi but more like an adventure game. Me want! Did you pay a lot for it? You'll have to let us know what it's like when you get it!
  5. GotchiGuardian

    iDL Happy Symbol problem...

    Hmm, that's weird. Sounds like some kind of glitch? Sure you got the right overalls?! I think tamas have multiple happy items. I had Kikitchi and found an extra food item, if I'm remembering correctly, that wasn't on the Happy Symbol list but still earned me a stamp. Then it wouldn't let me attain another stamp for another item that was supposed to be for Kikitchi.. If that makes sense. Maybe it's not the overalls you're after. Keep checking around the web for different Kuromametchi items, maybe? Or perhaps you'll find the your last stamp and solve the problem. Have you tried resetting your tama? Either way, let us know how you get on.
  6. GotchiGuardian

    Your Interest In Tamagotchi

    I've always loved Tamagotchi, but I go through "peaks and troughs" with my 'passion' for them! I don't think I'll ever lose interest, but due to business/lack of time sometimes I don't run them for long periods of time. Long live Tamagotchis!
  7. GotchiGuardian

    Prepping for my 4U....(:

    Sounds like a cool idea! What sort of information do you gather in your logs? I don't really get chance to prepare for the arrivals of tamas, since I don't order from abroad often, but I hope that'll change in the future.
  8. GotchiGuardian

    Do you display your collection?

    I have a high-up wall-of-shelf in my room, and I lie my tamas on that. I've also screwed a few nails into the wall (ouch ) in a sort of W-shape, so I hang the tamagotchis that still have chains on the nails and keep the rest on the shelf. The ones on the shelf are really un-viewable, though, unless you stand on my bed to look over at them. My displaying skills aren't very satisfactory.
  9. GotchiGuardian

    Unfair prices around the world.

    Un. Fair. This is why I hate our country's economy. XD That's all it is, really. If you ever get into economy, you'll see that these prices, although they may not look fair at all, are subject to your country's... Economy... (I've repeated that word way too many times, haven't I....?!) So while I'd love to fly off to the US and pick up a PS4... It would save me loads! But the stretch my wallet experiences from buying from England would probably be the same as someone who lives in, say France. In this case it's not necessarily money differences, it's how much inflation is pumped into the eco system, and how much value the money actually has.... That's the theory anyway. And I might be totally wrong. Or I most probably have explained it totally wrong. But yes. Breif grasp-ation. (That is a word, right?!)
  10. GotchiGuardian

    Anyone going to see Mockingjay Pt1?

    Not sure if this should be in "Stuff We Watch", but I haven't watched this yet.... Anyone a Hunger Games fan? Anyone going to see Mockingjay tomorrow/today/when you can?! It is releases tomorrow in the UK! I'm going to go with some friends I haven't seen for like 4 years! Exciteddd!! Anyone else want to see it? What are your expectations? Got any hopes for it?
  11. GotchiGuardian

    Dreamtown VS Tamatown?

    DEFINITELY Tamatown. But I guess what tips the scales for me is that fact that TamaTown still holds so many happy care-free childhood memories. I can never really get into DreamTown, and I know it will never be the same as TT.
  12. GotchiGuardian

    Give me courage...!

    Haha good luck!! Everything will work out fine and if it's meant to be, it's meant to be, right?
  13. GotchiGuardian

    Tamagotchi V4.5 Freezes?

    Sounds weird, but I can only assume it's nothing new; on the instruction manual for the 4.5 it says there words to the effect of "If you experience a malfunction or your tama freezes", reset your tamagotchi..." So, *sigh* I guess it's just one of those things. Would be cool to know exactly what causes it, but then my computer freezes up all the time. Got a BSOD earlier today. Life's good!!!
  14. GotchiGuardian

    Has anyone physically modded a deco pierce?

    I think AzureStarline wants to know how to physically mod a pierce as well. Hmm, would be a tough thing for me to advise on since I haven't got my P's yet but perhaps you could try something with polymer clay? Or that plasticy stuff someone covered a tama with once?It had an awesome effect. That said, have you seen any customized tamagotchis? There are some simply amazing ones around the web - wasn't it Mothra who has a page on their website dedicated to tamagotchi customization? It's perfect for inspiration, check it out!
  15. GotchiGuardian

    Argh! I wanna cry!

    Arg how annoying! I've had tons of stuff like that happen to me, glad I'm not the only one! EMF's right - maybe you didn't win this one because there's a better auction you'll win in the future? After paying for a tamagotchi V3 and having to get a refund (because of a seller problem) I found a super cheap iD L for sale! You never know what's around the corner.