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    :) In the middle of England (:
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    Tamagotchi (obvs)

    My Little Pony Friendship is Magic ;)


    Smile Precure!

    Sherlock Holmes

    Anime/Manga like Sailor Moon and Kitchen Princess, aww.

    Kim Possible

    Anything equine (although I seem to have a slight allergy to horses?

    Drawing/painting/doing arty stuff. (I'm studying for a BTEC Level 3 Extended Diploma in Art & Design!)

    Learning languagesss (Latin, French, Italian, Swedish, Japanese... You get my drift!)

    Listening to/learning/writing my own music!

    Anndd baking

    Clay-modeling (stay tuned for updates about tamagotchi "figures"...)
    Sci-fi movies/fiction like The Hunger Games, Divergent...

    Green Arrow


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    In order oldest to newest... (Or rather oldest in my collection, not oldest version!!)

    White Version 4 ♥

    "I Love My Family" pink Familitchi ♥

    Dark pink starry Music Star ♥

    Pinkie butterflies Version 2 ♥

    Blue tama-character-thingy Version 4.5 ♥

    Pink hearty Version 4 ♥

    Red butterfly-y Version 4.5 ♥

    Blue Tama-GO! ♥

    White flowery Version 4 ♥

    My brother's broken blue Familitchi!

    White Japanese Tamagotchi iD L ♥

    Purple Japanese Tamagotchi iD L (!♥)

    Princess Spacey iD L (!!♥)

    Turquoise patchwork-like-style Version 2 ♥

    Mametchi Tama-Go figure

    Memetchi Tama-Go figure

    Kuchipatchi Tama-Go figure

    Violetchi Tama-Go figure

    Ringotchi Tama-Go figure

    Chamametchi Tama-Go figure

    Tamagotchi P's Melodyland set

    Blue/white lemonade version 3 - BNIB! ♥

    Transparent yellow/gold tamagotchi version 2 ♥

    Yellow/orange/white tamagotchi version 2 ♥

    Pink Starry Familitchi Celebrity/v5.5 ♥

    Blue Tamagotchi 4U ♥
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    Tamagotchi P's
    Tamagotchi Princess Spacy
    Do you knooooow how hard it is to run multiple colours? *enter bad-care character here*

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  1. Seeming as the tama pocket designer has dropped considerably in price, I decided to order one. Yayyy, it's been ages since I bought a Tamagotchi type thingy :D