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  1. Music Star still hasnt passed pro debut. Sigh.:/

    1. Tamacass


      What judges have X? I may be able to help.

  2. I recently bought a new Music Star and I've been playing it for awhile. I'm trying to get it to pro debut but every time I do, the third judge does not give me the "O". I followed the other thread on how to get to pro debut, but nothing has worked. Is there something that I am doing wrong? All of its skill points are over 600, and I have practiced with the band multiple times as a teen and as an adult. TamaTamatchi
  3. Hi! I recommend the Tamagotchi Friends: Dream Town version (V9), over the regular Tamagotchi Friends (V8). So if you're looking to get a Friends, I suggest the Dream Town version. It has more destinations, games, different character, and most people would prefer it over the regular TMGC Friends. It is low maintenance, they aren't very needy. Unfortunately, you cannot name them and when you neglect them, they "leave you" rather dying. There are no items, and the jewelry is sort of expensive. But you won't have a problem since the Dream Town ver. has 11 games (over the regular Friends with 4), so you'll be having fun. Overall, I do recommend you buy it since its a complete departure from the versions you already have. TamaTamatchi
  4. i'm planning to return logging just in time for the holidays. Which version do you think I should run?

    1. TamaMum


      Run your favorite version for the holidays! (Esp. if it's needy - more time to care for it during holidays)

    2. DaniTamastar


      Hmm... if you have an iD run that plz (im getting one for christmas)

  5. Hello everyone! Sorry for the long two day hiatus, I had a family get together on Friday, a Quince on Saturday, and today is my sisters birthday! Luckily, once Memetchi left on my V4, I still have the baby girl as of right now. She's still on pause, ready to be taken care of. So this week expect to see Memetchi's baby (Sara is her name) grow up. Oh and also... Ha, I know these pics are the greatest but I will be adding my Tamagotchi Friends: Dream Town Version to this log! I went to hot topic and managed to find this one, it was actually the last one! So I was super happy to have this version, and it was the first Tamagotchi I bought from an actual store since 2009 when the Tamagotchi Music Star released; so pretty exciting don't you think? So far, I raised the little flower girl Tamagotchi and now she's a Neotchi. We have been taking the performers class so i'm expecting to see Kiraritchi or Yumemitchi since they both take that class. I'll probably find out tonight, but you'll guys will just have to wait till tomorrow! TamaTamatchi
  6. Great news guys! I managed to go to my Hot Topic, and I found the Tamagotchi Friends! Unfortunately, there was only ONE, which means in a matter of a week, all of them seemed to sell out, because last week when I went/called, they did not have them. So my mind is kinda surprised because these things were to sell out pretty quick, and they only had one left which was exciting. Who knows, this will probably show Bandai US to release more Tamagotchis! TamaTamatchi
  7. Little update today - I had a lot of school work due tomorrow so I kinda procrastinated and left it to the last minute; but any update is a good update! So the gender that is revealed, a girl! Honestly, I really wanted to have a boy due to the fact I cannot raise the secret characters for Mametchi and Kutchipatchi (I dont know their names...) which kinda sucks but maybe next generation. Hopefully it isn't someone from the Meme family, I do not like Ponytchi or Violetchi. -___-'
  8. Changed my avatar. It's now evil Tamatchi. >:)

  9. Well as I said yesterday, we were expecting the matchmaker to come over and Memetchi would find her true love. Unfortunately, I don't really know the name of this character but he seems cute! She came around 7:00PM (set the time to 6:59PM to get the matchmaker to come) and offered this guy. Immediately, they hit it off and the matchmaker pronounced them man and wife, and soon enough the man kissed the bride. I'll revel tomorrow what the gender of the baby is. TamaTamatchi
  10. Today, my Memetchi grew up to be a 5 year. Eventually, i'd given up on raising a Makiko because I'm super busy with school work, I didn't really have the time to get the skill points up to 450, it seemed like a lot of work. But that's okay. I've raised her in the future, but I wanna raise Mametchi & Kutchipatchi's secret characters in the future. So I pondered what to log about today, since she's still an adult. They don't really have much exciting things like growing up, going to school, etc. So I went to the shop and found a shovel and bought it for 200p. Wonder what fun things she would find in the ground. And of course, she began to dig. ....to my surprise we found a piece of cake underground! I also let her play dress up and try on her bow. Doesn't she look just adorable? After all those eventful stuff, she went to bed. Well, i'm expecting since she will turn 6 tomorrow that the matchmaker will show up and she will find her true love. Wonder who it's gonna be! Until next time. TamaTamatchi
  11. If you check their website, hottopic.com , they only have one Tamagotchi on their website up for sale; its the American Tamagotchi Friends? :? It is the BFF design, with stars and stuff. Well, whatever. I'm glad to hear that Tamagotchi is back in stores and hoping my hot topic will have the Dream Town Friends soon. TamaTamatchi
  12. Thanks, Kajah. Coming on last night and reading your comment definitely put a smile on my face. Also to everyone thank you for all the positive feedback and liking my first post! It really does encourage me & makes me love logging even more. Thank you everyone! So here is Avery! (Memetchi) Well as I said in my last post I'm trying to aim for a Makiko; which right now is going pretty good! My skill points for the fashion is at 155, which isn't close but i'm getting there! Hoping to see her in the next day or two, gonna be a lot of games! Lol. Today at the shop, we found this fishing pole so I thought it was the perfect opportunity to use it. Of course, she had a small bite, so she began to reel in whatever she had. Hopefully she found something interesting because she was tugging for a good 30 seconds, lol. Sadly, no. All she found was a used can.. - __ -' Then, after multiple uses of the fishing pole she reeled in this chest. Okay, I guess, but I find chests like these to be bad luck. Usually, my Tamagotchi turns into an oldie/baby, or I get a present with nothing it. Oh well, she still wanted to use it anyways. I guess this makes up for the used can she found while fishing. ^w^ TamaTamatchi