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  1. really sorry I won't be able to disclose my seller's name! but anw I have gotten his remaining few as he has got a very limited number, so you can buy from me instd. you may pm me if you're insterested!(:
  2. so yup mine is the pink one on the left, and the purple one on the right is the one I'm putting up for sale(: will upload more screenshots when I'm free! my pet is sleeping now so i can't do anything hahaha.
  3. hi guys really sorry for the late reply! I've been really busy! but anyway I have actually got another english purple ID L, that is still in brand new and unopened in the packaging. I'm putting it up for sale over here >> http://www.tamatalk....hi-id-l-purple/ as for the photos of my id l that you all have requested, here they are! their conversations are super cute haha!<3
  4. here you go! yea really happy to know it's most likely to be real and in english too!(: thanks so much for your help, will be glad to upload any screen if you would like to see. but one thing I'm still a little concerned about is that the product code number provided does not work when i enter it into the Bandai online survey page. A pop up will appear saying that the code is incorrect or has expired. could that show that my tamagotchi product is not real?:/
  5. thanks! here are the pics! and okay ill pm you.
  6. i do have a picture but i can't seem to figure out how to attach pictures here! i got it on ebay, it was a local pickup so i met the seller. i'd feel bad putting the link of the seller here as he was really sincere and assured me that it was real. i do like it a lot in english but just still very concerned if it could be a fake): could there be any way to tell?
  7. Hi, i just got my Pink Tamagotchi ID L from ebay and turns out that its in english!! The packaging has the BANDAI logo on it. It even includes a piece of paper from Bandai (HK) Co., LTD, providing me a QR code to complete an online survey. The QR code works, however the code number of my product which is required for the completion of the survey seems to be incorrect when i type it in:/ There is also a full english manual of the Tamagotchi ID L. The back of the tamagotchi states that it is made in china. Everything including the features, physical appearance, manual, looks just as what I have seen online or on youtube videos. The tamagotchi is working fine as well! Except that, i have not seen anyone online claim that they have an english tamgotchi id l! May I know if it could be a fake?? ): ):