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  1. Google rainbow explosions.
  2. The fruit game goes like this Somebody plants something(me :3) (ex. rock) Then the next person says what comes out of the tree and then plants said item. Then it goes over and over Ill start. I plant a backpack.
  3. i like trains.

    1. triforceman


      hello mine turtle


    2. Miriam


      Nice hat.

      Hey, thanks!

      I was being SARCASTIC.

      Well I stole your face!


  4. The heros then get attacked by the 's and the 's And get moonwalked all over by the Michael jacksons! D:::::
  5. but i had to start school 4 weeks ago :c

  6. I'd probably want a Devilgotchi Uratama A pretty purse I saw at target c: Violin lessons Drawing tablet Some plants to put in my room A sewing machine.
  7. im so bad at the arcade...

    1. tamatown123


      are you rlly 99 years old?

    2. Happytamafan
  8. I completely ruin my bedsheets with excited spams and squeal like a 4 year old every five mins
  9. Age:10 Gender:female. Country: USA Comment:I really love my tamas, and I hope bandai can make more soon