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  1. This was fabulously helpful! At first I thought the price tag on the iD L was way too outrageous for a tama, but after reading about all of the features and how much you guys love it, I ordered one for myself. I'm getting it tomorrow and I'm so pumped!! Thanks again!
  2. Sometimes it doesn't load, but you definitely cannot create an account ever. I don't know about logging in, but others have said their accounts on TT have just disappeared.
  3. Ooooh! I haven't read any of those, I'll have to go check them out! The library is on my way to and from work! I'm excited now! You're gonna love the last Fallen!! Sooooooo good! And the Iron Fey series is to die for!
  4. @Amarisje have you finished Fallen?? I just loved the ending, it was so perfect!! And I know you'll adore Iron Fey. I actually won a contest that got me an autographed copy of one of the books from the author, so it's especially special, haha. Have you read The Wolves of Mercy Falls series? Really fun twist on werewolves!
  5. You are setting your standards way too low! There are some great books out there that aren't (as it's been stated above) published fan fiction. I highly recommend anything by Tamora Pierce (she's a fun young adult writer), the Pretty Little Liars series (seriously, read the books, don't watch the show), the Fallen Series by Lauren Kate, or The Iron Fey series by Julie Kagawa. You can do better than 50 Shades of Grey!
  6. My first one was when I was young, I don't remember how old I was, but it was long enough to ago that I still had to go to my brother's baseball games (when I was about 11 1/12 my mom let me start staying home alone), so I have a sort of time reference. I couldn't keep that thing alive!! I think it made it to adulthood once, and then promptly died. I tried to take care of it, but I was only allowed to play with it during the summer and we travelled for my brother's baseball a lot so it got left in hotel rooms and well... You remember how quickly those first ones died! Then in high school my friend and I found the connections and Toys R Us and bought them, excited not only to have a second shot at tamas but because they could INTERACT. It was sooooooo cool, haha. Now I have a Music Star, a Tama-go, and now a Princess Spacey iD L on the way! I forgot how much I loved digital pets. I'm such a 90s kid... Does it show??
  7. Wow! This is so informative. This community rocks! I love that it's so easy to find the answers to all my questions without having to ask them myself!
  8. Don't feel bad about talking them down! That's what garage sales are all about. I mean, if we all felt guilty for haggling... Haha. Great deal! I'm super jealous, but awesome for you! I need to start hitting more garage sales.
  9. Wow this was super helpful! I'm so glad someone else asked this question! I just purchased a Princess Spacey iD L and after ordering it realized that other than the couple of special characters, I didn't realize what made this tama different from the others. Thanks for everyone that unknowingly helped me out!
  10. Keep us updated! What an awesome skill and cool idea!
  11. This looks so cute!! I want it! I wish America kept up with this kind of stuff... Japan always has the cutest virtual pet stuff!
  12. I totally saw Pretty Cure when I was in Japan 6 years ago! It was so cute!!

  13. I'm so glad I found this topic! I was so frustrated when I got my Tama-Go and tried to get on TamaTown. At first I thought it was because I was on my laptop and couldn't print from it, so I snagged my husband's desktop and tried again. Well I printed the stupid page and still couldn't continue. I figured I was just missing something, and I'm kind of relieved to know I'm not alone. I am mad though! TamaTown sounded so cool.... This is such a bummer.