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  1. Happy birthday! Come back ;_;

  2. So I have to neglect my Old-Timer if I want to get a new one?
  3. Short? SHORT? I have had my Tama for WEEKS now! >.<
  4. I have A 19 year old Ojitchi. Will there be a point in where it dies?
  5. I made my Mametchi get married to a Chantochi with 80% Bondings, everyhing came out normally, Mametchi turned into Papamametchi, and Chantochi into Mamametchi, and I got 2 Mifutachi Babies. However, unlike when your Pure Family babies skip their growth and immediately turn into their respective Member, my Mifutachies simply turned into normal Toddlers. What happened?
  6. Hello Tamatalkies. I have been trying to connect my V5.5 with another Tamagotchi, but it resets/crashes! A couple weeks ago,I WAS going to debug it, but one of the screws was too tight, so I gave up. It accidentally turned off many times, and I think that's why it broke. So what do I do?
  7. I heard that the worse the Charecter is, the more attention it needs. Or try HyPeRsPeEd!
  8. Wup! It turned into Rexitchi, this is the end of my Generation, oh well...