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  1. Happy Birthday! Hope you're having a great day :)

  2. Marshall's and TjMaxx are outlet department stores, which means that they carry stock (mostly clothes and home decor) that failed to sell. Basically what this tells us is that the original TF did so poorly on Toys R Us' shelves that Bandai and TRU (and other large chains) weren't able to strike an agreeable deal for this new version of TF, therefore Bandai's last resort was to make a deal with an outlet chain. TLR: I'd be shocked to ever see a new English version after this
  3. It's unfortunate that many of us have to learn these things the hard way, and your tama might not be repairable. Though I still encourage you to try the bag of rice, there's always a chance that it might be ok. I'm not saying get your hopes up but there's no harm in trying it out. Not too long ago I sneezed and it caused me to spill watter on my laptop keyboard. I tried to dry it out for a day and turned it back on and after noticing my keys malfunctioning I was sure it was doomed, but I left it drying out for a few more days and then everything was fine! It all depends on where the water hit really. And if it turns out that your tama is indeed dead, I send you my condolences. I lost my childhood V3 to water damage :'( It's not the price of a 4U but it was very sentimental </3
  4. by putting the batteries back in it before it was dried out could have caused it to short circuit, but you should still try the bag of rice just in case it didn't. But for future reference, if you ever get an electronic wet, the first thing you need to do is cut out it's power supply (ie. remove batteries/unplug it/turn it off/etc) and never turn it back on until you know it's dry (via bag of rice for smaller electronics) Taking these steps as promptly as you can will greatly raise your chances of saving your wet electronics.
  5. i do, though it was much worse when i was younger, i hardly notice it now. i get the sensation in my hands and feet and it's actually kind of painful. my biggest trigger has to be styrofoam rubbing against styrofoam. whispers and such don't bother me at all
  6. I would love an app! something that makes it quick and easy to update the log throughout the day, and add in a picture. something like instagram but dedicated to tamagotchi would be awesome! it would be cool if you could run multiple logs at once yet still keep them separated for viewing by other members when they're on your page, but still have the typically tumblr/instagram scrolling type dashboard just to see everyone's most recent posts. and added bonus would be tamagotchi stickers to place on your photos in the editing process?
  7. The first toy I remember having was a talking nano baby (i don't remember how i got it), so when I was a little older and saw the relaunch of virtual pets in the form of the tamagotchi v1 (via browsing target) i had to get one!
  8. I hardly post anymore. I've turned into a weird forum lurker D;

    1. *Hayden*



      ACNL has taken over me oops

    2. LovelyLavender


      Lurking in the shadows of the internet is the best way to travel :3


  9. Bringing back this one particular childhood interest opened a lot of doors for me. Through tamagotchi I found a love for lolita fashion, it revived my love for crafting, I ended up teaching myself to be a decent photographer just by taking tamagotchi photos, and it pushed me even further into the world of anime. Before TamaTalk, I hated pink, I loved mainstream fashion but mostly wore t-shirt and jeans, and I was a very negative person. Tamagotchi helped me discover kawaii culture and all together has helped me see how much better it is to be more positive. With all of my new interests and skills, everything came together to even make tumblr a healthier environment for me, and my blog became much higher quality too! Now I have over a thousand followers and a sponsor! I definitely have Tamagotchi to blame for that.
  10. I think physical books are in danger of becoming obsolete, while e-books are doing just fine. My opinion is that, no, books should never become obsolete! They are important artifacts of culture as well as wholesome entertainment. If any forms of paper should become obsolete, it would have to be all of the different kinds of paperwork adulthood generally requires you to fill out. In a utopian world, we would have cards that electronically keep all of that information, then giving out necessary details to places such as insurance agency and the DMV would be hassle-free. And when the world comes to an end and electronics cease to function, all of that information will no longer be important or needed anyway, but we will surely need our books.
  11. I recently received some belated christmas presents and aahhhh I'm so excited!!! The only one not pictured below is the purple anni 4U <3

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Brittygotchi


      it just gives me the "cannot connect" X screen on immediate contact to the card :(


    3. furbitchi


      Are you selecting タッチスポット?also make sure you select touch spot THEN touch the card becuase if you have the card and the 4u touching while selecting got connect it may not worl

    4. Brittygotchi


      no i know im doing it right because my rola card works fine

  13. I prefer self-contained tamas with downloadable content. You have the option to just carry around your phone to get downloads whenever you want rather than either carrying around a bunch of figures to play whatever game you're in the mood for. I like tamagotchit because of how portable they are, but downloadable content does extend the replay value quite a bit.
  14. idk maybe double sided tape on the back of the faceplate?
  15. ah yea i didn't know i had to do the apk file haha i got it working now, thanks!