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    I work as a professional programmer/developer, and I enjoy making iPod apps in my free time. I also play a lot of video games; typically MMORPGs (interests being WoW, GW2, FFXIV, RO, D3, LoL, and idk).

    Tamagotchis are nostalgic to me, and I enjoy collecting them :)

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    I have 5 storage bins filled to the brim. That is all.
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    Pink P's

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  1. I would also vote P's, hands down! I've played with one on and off since release, and I always find myself going back to that version when I want to run something. The M!x is fun and cute for a little bit, but there's not really any progression (in my opinion). You kind of just keep doing the same thing over and over only to see what your next generation will look like. With the P's, at least you can collect characters and work towards completion of the map. The virtual pierces offer so much on top of almost being "endless" since Mr. Blinky keeps releasing new characters Even without virtual pierces/having something to transfer with, I'd still recommend P's over M!x just because of built-in content.
  2. It's up to you, tbh. Look at the content each one has to offer and then make your decision. I have the 4U and 4U+ with no Android device. I get bored with the lack of built-in characters and have recently ran my P's (English patch, although doesn't matter much) just because I find there's more to do without it being too demanding. Edit: THAT SAID, I do have all of the pierces so I may be biased >.<
  3. I wouldn't spend more than $30 each. Mothra is the only one with a shell that can go for more. If you just get the normal white with blue, it's like $30.
  4. $15?! Wow.. they're losing like ~$30+ real money haha (considering their price in Yen at TamaDepa). I'd be suspicious, but you never know. Just read the description carefully and you can always dispute things. Amazon is usually more expensive than Ebay (for me in Canada), but there are deals on there from time to time!
  5. Tough choice between +C and Ocean, for me! I'd probably have to go with Ocean, as it's the only one I really miss after periods of time.
  6. I can't pick! I love a few, but each for different things... so it's impossible to choose just one ;-; If I want crazy/intense sounds, Skrillex If I want chill/driving music, Deadmau5 If I want fun/housy music, Aoki
  7. Three colors, yep! I don't think there's anything special about the white. $40 was a steal and I really wanted to buy it because that's so cheap! I didn't, though. I'd say anything less than $60 is awesome, but I would expect them to be about $100 just because of the rarity. I have one in case you want to see anything specific about it It's the pink one.
  8. If you want to have a collection, then I'd vote yes... but I wouldn't vote for playing with it
  9. It's usually only a few hours. I find it usually rolls back to a previous "save point" like status change or something.
  10. I see you have an Odinstweet as your profile photo. I'm Kaitnyl in BC :D

  11. I also have noticed you enjoy Skrillex? XD I have his autograph from when he was in From First To Last, hehe. Used to be my favourite band *_* And still a guilty pleasure!
  12. Oooh, I found a few different colors in one area. I remember because I was hunting for my shiny I thought it was random?
  13. It's my name Well, my name is actually Kaitlyn. I usually go by "Kaitnyl", though... Kait + lyn reversed. I am so clever.
  14. Pink, yellow, and purple colors were rereleased in some places so they're going around $80ish... which isn't that bad considering when they were first released, you couldn't find one for much less than that. If you're after green, you may need to pay up to $120 $100 would be a good price for the other colors if it's new in packaging.
  15. This sounds awesome! Making a mold isn't a bad idea... although I'm not sure what I'd fill it with