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  1. Lol, I guess I forgot to mention the TMGCFriends. Maybe because it did not appeal to me personally at all. But still, I'd say it's very similar to the tama-go. Slightly less bulky, more modern characters and larger, more detailed character sprites. Apart from the graphics and the new NFC communication, it's pretty simple set, like the connections or the tama-go without figurines. Low maintenance. Some people complain about the grayscale being unskillfully made, to the point where it's difficult to see the character. Not everyone has that problem though, it seems to be different between different tamas. In any case, the TMGCFriends does deserve to be mentioned in my short little english-tamagotchi-runthrough If you like the grayscale concept and character set it might be worth trying. They're not expensive online. About bulkiness, there should be size comparision pics if you google it.
  2. Happened to me too, with the exact same match My UraMame was offered a Mame twice or thrice in a row... My tama was promised to another though, so I kept refusing
  3. It all depends on what you're looking for in terms of how advanced it should be, how high maintenance you want it to be, how large, whether you want the screen to be in colour, etc. - The vintages are small and very simple in comparison to the ones you have now, with a sort of cute theme for each one released after the original p1 and p2. They vary in maintenance level required, look them up individually for example here. - The connection series are similar in size and graphics to your entama, but in english. v1-v3 are simpler, with v1 being the very simplest. v2-v3 have a LOT of characters. They are all gender neutral and seem to have no structured growth pattern or way to predict what character you're gonna get, which is either fun, cute and refreshing or irritating depending on how you want to look at it. Games and items are plentiful and just fine. v3 has two more games, but v2 gives a more vintage-y feeling;) Average to low maintenance. v4-v4.5 would be the standard connections. They are the most reliable in predicting what character you will get, thanks to the skill point system. They have fun games, a good amount of characters, go to school and get a job with a minigame as adults. Average maintenance. v5 and v5.5 are family-themed tamagotchis, where you care for up to three at once. Apart from the family-themed character set, they are rather simple and low maintenance. Wide screen, like the tama-go, but no grayscale. v6 is the Music Star. A really fun pet in which the aim is to make your tamagotchi a first-ranked rock star, but high maintenance. Wide screen, like the tama-go, but no grayscale. - The color tamagotchis are quite a lot bigger than the connections, yet smaller than the tama-go. They feature lcd-screens in colour, more modern and humanoid characters, and a sort of progressive gameplay where you earn more locations for your tama to go to the further you progress with the generations. Medium to low maintenance for the different versions. All are in japanese though, with few exceptions. The ID L came out in english in a special Hong Kong release, but they're really hard to catch hold of by now and pretty expensive. Best shot for an english colour tama is probably the p's. There is an english patch for the tamagotchi p's on the internet, that you download via infrared using a phone with IR or an IR-usb device. Friendly tamatalkers will help you with this if you decide to catch hold of a p's. They are rather low maintenance and have lots of fun features, downloadable items and games, but the characters are mostly girly-humanoid-modern. - Most of the special releases are in japanese, so I won't mention them here. One fun and quirky special tamagotchi is in english though - the tamawalkie. A pedometer pet that features a tamagotchi (you choose one out of three at the startup) traveling around USA to fix his/her broken spaceship and collect souvenirs. It requires a lot of walking or shaking, but is cute and fun with nice minigames otherwise. A good choice if you like walking and want a tamagotchi that's... not ordinary;) If any of these tamas caught your interest - google them for more in-depth descriptions. There are also really good youtube reviews on almost all versions. Personally, I'd probably recommend a connection. Though a bit older now, you can still find them online for good prices. They're in english, have a good size, and a good amount of features and cute characters for one who wants to get back into tamagotchi. v1 if you like simple, music star if you like a challenge. v2-v4.5 for something in between. Good luck!
  4. In case anyone is wondering who snatched the $50 almost-new bluegreen +C from ebay... It was me...!:D (There were about 17 people watching it:p)

    1. ksh12july34
    2. Hapihapitchi


      Congrats! I've been watching for some cheap +C on ebay and the one time it pops up is the time I take a break from watching... Sigh

    3. Jokus


      Thank you, I'm really happy. You'll surely find one soon:)

  5. They're cute and really low maintenance. May I ask who you bought it from? Was it on tamagochi traders?
  6. This is really just wish thinking, but you could always ask Bandai for permission to host the old v3-v4.5 and maybe also v5 tamatown programs...
  7. Yes, that might be it. They look kinda like a shrine and a temple, don't you think?
  8. I'm afraid that's not the case. Not all the tamagotchi versions using infrared communication are compatible with each other either.
  9. If it would actually be made, a movie:) WYR be able to change your gender at will, or have the ability to make anyone fall in love with you?
  10. There is a maximum amount of care misses on most tamagotchis, including connections and japanese plus series. Can't remember what the number is exactly, but maybe 4? Also, the count resets when the tamagotchi evolves or marries. This is the reason it is so difficult to "keep" an old timer on the connections. The care misses add up, and I actually believe the tamagotchi grows weaker when the count closes in on maximum. Tamagotchi wikia's death page. Good luck with getting the character you wish!
  11. I found one. Behold the duck potty. image from here.
  12. Some of the connections (v1-v5?) use a duck-styled potty in the baby and toddler stage, when you catch them before they make a mess. Never seen one like that in real life, but I believe there is a connection here. (See the pun?)
  13. Giving my Royal Famitama a dent when trying to open it up. The dent is small and in an obscure place, but I just can't seem to let it go.