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    Tamagotchi's obviously, I have an interest in Japanese culture as a whole also, the only thing Japanese that I know i'm not a big fan of would be J-Pop. I like Gaming if i'm ever able to find the time to sit down and do so anymore... which is very unlikely as there always be something more important to do these days. Music, I like Metal & Punk mostly, but living in the center of the dubstep scene my music tastes are very wide and varied lol.

    I read a lot of MANLY books to counterbalance playing with tamagotchi's, lots of fighting and blood and war, I think its working..

    I work with the elderly, people with parkinsons, dementia, its a really fun and rewarding job.

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    P1, I still have mine from when they first came out xD
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  1. I'd say chickens are the most useful, they are much easier/faster to breed than cows (requiring only seeds instead of fully grown wheat), They produce meat for eating, eggs for cakes (or hatching more chickens) and feathers for arrows. I would also probably say that given a choice between leather armor and arrows i'd choose arrows 100% of the time, I rarely even bother with leather armor as an iron set is much simpler to aqquire and arrows will be used throughout the entire game. Books can be made with wood so leather isnt really needed, and with the new update horses also drop leather so it is no longer cow exclusive. Long live our chicken overlords!
  2. SD cards arent infallible unfortunately, The more they are used and the older they become the more likely they are to malfunction. SD cards are cheap nowadays though so just back up any data monthly in case of future cards dying.
  3. Yes they are fakes. Although the seller doesn't say anywhere that he is from the US so I dont understand where you saw that, it clearly says he is from Israel on his seller page. http://myworld.ebay..../ Report all of the items listed as Tama's though.
  4. Also I just done some more testing to confirm my post. I took the screws out of my vintage Tama (P2). Screwed in the screws taken from the dinkie dino (perfect fit) Took them out. Put back the original P2 screws (The screws fit tightly and were still just as tight as when i unscrewed them) So yeah, i'd say they were (apart from length) exactly the same sized screw.
  5. I work in a care home so i have some experience with glasses, eyeglasses screws are mostly too small, and buying a whole set just to get a screw that may or may not fit i would not recommend. The best source for vintage tama screws I have found is the knock-off "Dinkie Dino's" (Such as this one ) They have 5 screws on the back, one of them (the battery screw) is slightly shorter than the screws in the vintage tamas but fits perfectly, the other 4 are about 2mm longer than the original but fit perfectly. (A quick snip with a pair of pliers will get them to the right length) As these knock-offs are super cheap (Less than £2 plus postage) and readily available I'd recommend them as replacement vintage tama screws, they are actually JIS and not phillips (the same as vintage tamas)
  6. I have an R2-D2 one and... Well, I dont really know what i'm doing, the instructions that came with it were generic giga pet instructions and some of the icons still confuse me years on. I'd consider them (well at least the r2-d2 one) slightly botched Giga pets.
  7. Amazon has very strict guidelines regarding the listing of items, IIRC only Books, Music, Film, and Toys can be listed as collectable, for example Books must be First print, limited print, or signed by author to be considered collectable. The toys category is more vague as it merely states that the item "Must be unique" and that the seller is able to list why the item is collectable. So to answer your question, collectable items on amazon could be new, or used, but as they are collectable items you should always be able to find information about them before you purchase, either through the listing or contacting the seller. Source:
  8. FTL: Faster than light, on the pc, I also recently bought a new Wii and modded it so i've been playing a load of multiplayer games with the kids.
  9. I think there's a user who posts here with the name Cave Johnson, Yea I've played the hell out of the portal series, the multiplayer in portal 2 is great fun, If you have it on steam i'd recommend trying out some of the user created content.
  10. So, I found a JIS head micro screwdriver, used it on my Devilgotchi, the back opened fine with no damage at all to the screw heads, the screws are still in perfect condition.
  11. Nope, the instructions say to keep it in the case (screen cleaner)
  12. Its always good knowing you have a massive haul going to be arriving in the post. As long as you don't have too many customs charges, I just got charged a lot from a few items.. if the darn sellers just posted it as a gift I would have avoided all that. RAAAAAGE
  13. Just an update on this topic, DO NOT, repeat DO NOT use the regular p1 cases or the angelgotchi cases with a Devilgotchi... Just put my devilgotchi in the angelgotchi case, after about an hour or two I opened it back up to find the paint on the silver wings at the front (they project out) had started rubbing off.
  14. This is the coolest video ever, someone strapped a camera to a hula hoop

    1. Moussette


      great vid ! I think a guy like you apreciate it even more ;)