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  1. I find it very odd that it even gives you the option to delete it? Unless you can only have a certain amount of downloads at a time so you have to delete to make room? Idk. That's a shame. Guess I'll be sure not to fiddle around too much without translating first. Thank you!
  2. Hello! I am not new to the site but have not posted in eons! Anyway, I ordered a Magical Meets with downloads from a popular tama source site, and it came yesterday! This morning, I'm fiddling around and notice there is a third page on my locations selection with one option. When i clicked it, it took me to a snowy area with a cute Reindeer. It looked like a snowboard place maybe? Cool! I fiddled around with the options a bit since the first one took me there I tried the 3rd option, which prompted a はい or いいえ option which i chose はい for yes. Then it took me back to the location choice screen and now I only had 2 pages with the option to go to the snowy place gone. Yikes. What did I do? I tried googling to find out but couldnt find anything. Can anyone give me some insight? Did I mess up big time? Or am i worried for nothing? Thanks tamatalk!
  3. So is TamaTown down? I read it was down, but they were posts from months ago.. I can't register though so I assume it's down...

    1. SailorRosette


      Still down, no improvements.

    2. Megnutt


      thanks. i wish it would get up and running...

  4. I finally got my Tama-Go!! He's a Mattaritchi right now and I love him :3

  5. Oh my Tama-Go... Please come soon! u//u

  6. ((I feel like we are spouting random words now O-O)) time?
  7. Out comes a Majestic Flying Purple People Eater! I plant a Pikachu :3
  8. Log Entry # 2 Hello again! I'm back with entry number two of my Tamagotchi Log! Tama was being cute yesterday, so I took a few pictures! Let's See What We Can Dig Up! I bought her a shovel, and we decided to go digging around :3 I've found 1000 points before with one of these babies! Yay! Money! Looks like more points this time around! Sorry, I didn't catch the amount, but it definitely wasn't 1000! Anyway, yesterday was a good day. I went to work and brought Tama with me. We enjoyed helping people and taking care of business! I've come down with a cold, but Tama kept me company and kept my spirits up by showing off her fancy new ribbon! Doesn't She Look Dapper? Tama is 6 years old by this point. I believe the Matchmaker for this Model comes around age 7? We'll see. After a long day of resting up and getting over my cold, Tama bathed around 6:50pm, brushed her teeth around 7:00pm, and was in bed by 9 o'clock, ~~ This morning Tama awoke at 8am! I could have sworn she usually wakes up at 9? Weird! I fed her and played a few games with her. Her favourite game is Jump, and we have gotten pretty good at it by now! As expected, Tama is now 7 years old and the matchmaker came around 10:30 this morning. Why, Who Is This Young....Gentleman? Although I had my doubts, Tama immediately fell in love. I couldn't break the poor little thing's heart! Ahhh Young Love! After gazing into each other's eyes for a while, a celebration was thrown! Hooray for Tama! Hooray for... Wailitchi? (I think Kujiratchi?) After the celebration, Tama was blessed with a beautiful baby girl! Like Mother Like Daughter <3 That's all for now folks! ^^- Stay tuned, Tama should be leaving her baby by tomorrow afternoon, and my Tama-Go has officially shipped! I expect it to be here within the next few days! I'm super stoked! Thanks for reading!
  9. In heaven, you're Tamas arrive in the mail as soon as you order them!
  10. Oh! I had my appendix removed the day after my Graduation. Ooohh.. was that ever fun. >.<