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  1. Got back into tamas....IM BACK!,,,,

  2. Got back into tamas....IM BACK!,,,,

  3. Yes,TamaMum, it is the toilet roll. Mine is pearl pink and has that icon.
  4. Moving scared!!!!!!!!

  5. OK! two people so far lets keep thig going people!!!!
  6. Ok October 7th I will be hosting a hatch. Anyone with ANY VERSION MAY PARTISIPATE! If you would like to join.just comment below! The Hatch will be at 5:00pm. Smooches!-BriIsMe
  7. Is TamaTalk dead or something???

  8. My V4 gozarutchi(i know i spelled it wrong) died on the coffee table:(

  9. Yes....and occasonally this loud,squeeling,sound! sry if i spelled something wrong! -BriIsMe
  10. Ok,I might possibly report it because it's acting reeeeaaalllly weird.
  11. Ugh! I can't get to sleep and I have school!!!Ohhh,darn:(

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    3. BriIsMe


      Ha nice!do you know anyone, there by the name of Chris?

    4. GotchiGuardian


      I know lots of people called Chris !xD England isn't that small, lol xD

  12. Tama Name:Seth Tama Age:4yrs. DOB:IDK DOP:9-2-12(my bday:() What Generation?:1$t Other Info:Was an adult. My Comments:Have a great time as a angelgotchi Seth! Love and miss you-Mommy
  13. Ok I'll try that and see if it works...thank you
  14. I am using...CR2032.....I use it on all my other Tamas(except tamago)and they work for the longest:(
  15. Hello:( Ok, here's my problem,I have a blue V6 and i'm very confused.Every time I put a BRAND NEW battery in my tama,it says it's dead in 5 Minutes! I'm so very confused. This has never happend to one of my tamas before.Help?