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    luigi eats a pancake that is so good, he momentarily loses his grip on his godly powers and floats upward, his soul attracted to heaven. mario looks on, horrified at luigi’s sudden ascension. goodbye luigi

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    Memetchi, Pyonkotchi, Hoshitchi, Ichigotchi, and Pipotchi

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  1. *listens to Sailor Moon Crystal theme* THIS IS MY JAM

  2. Maybe I should start up my V4 again?

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    2. derekq


      Of course! V4 and v4.5 are the best connection tamas ever

    3. derekq


      Maybe the best of non-color tamas too.

    4. gutsyGumshoe
  3. 2 months old and joking around I could do a more serious drawing but maybe next time
  4. Mockingjay Jumped on the bandwagon a little late. :b
  5. dropping out of school to become a member of the scouting legion