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  1. I updated my old laptop to test it, and I'm rather happy with it. I managed to get the sims 1, a 15 year old game to work with a bit of tweaking, so there's that. Windows store still doesn't work for me though, so that's a little annoying. I plan to upgrade my desktop too sometime in the future. Maybe in September.
  2. I'm getting a white 4U for my birthday, looks like I might also be getting a preowned Nexus 7 Tablet from my parents too, I'm really excited ^^

  3. There was news of an English IDL selling in Australia in some myers stores and toys r us. Anyone know if they're still available?

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    2. Yumecantchi000


      I think so. Depends wheater the shops are interested in selling them.

    3. Asher1232


      i have an idl eng but i got it off amazon


    4. Kiruu


      Thats a shame. Thanks anyways

  4. Ah I thought so but I just wanted to confirm that this was the case. Thanks!
  5. Okay so yesterday I finally got 2 new deco pierces for my tamagotchi, an Aikatsu one and a Coffret ver. one, which I'm really happy about. I linked both pierces just fine when my tamagotchi was a teen, but when I grew her up into Ichigochantchi and now my pierces won't link. I tried the original melody land pierce that came with the unit and the coffret one. I just wanted to ask if this is completely normal and if its because Ichigochantchi is a growth character (i.e. you get her from eating the nori bento 3 times with any female teen) as opposed to a dress-up character.
  6. I got the game Fantasy life recently, as well as a Pokemon Espurr pokepuff plush, it's really cute
  7. There's a few you can unlock through the puzzle pieces and some are from the deco pierces. You can change your banner by clicking on the scales icon, scrolling to the 5th screen and it should give a list of the banners you have on your tamagotchi. I only have the one from my deco pierce, the original and this ribbon one: I'm not sure what the other banners are. (sorry the photo is so huge D: )
  8. When I woke up this morning I noticed Kiraritchi on my Tamagotchi P's was about to leave so I stopped her before she could do so. Oddly though, her hunger bar was full and she still had some happiness left, however her house was filthy. I've never had this happen before, so is this a glitch or are some characters on the P's fussier than others? Edit: I realise the title is kinda wrong. Should have been did my Tama try running away. Oops.
  9. Every smartphone I've owned has been an android. Been tempted to get an iphone before because I have tons of trouble buying cases and the itunes store has a lot of apps I'd love to use, but overall I've had kinda bad experiences with apple products after the 5th gen ipod. They break for no reason with me
  10. I downloaded the demo while I wait to buy the full game. I haven't seen a mii fart but I thought it was funny watching my boyfriends mii hiccup.
  11. I sometimes bring mine with me to TAFE in a little pouch. I don't go travelling very often but if I go to, say, Queensland to see my sister I sometimes bring my ID L and P's with me.
  12. Been a while since I came on. A ton of stuff has happened lately. Seeing the Tamagotchi 4U out now I kinda wish I had a job, although I have money stashed away I'm using it to save for my boyfriends birthday and christmas presents for my friends ;~;

  13. Ah well. At least it's not too noticeable. Thanks anyway. Edit: a tiny bit of Ajax spray & wipe on a Q tip worked to make the staining on the case less noticable, but didn't really help on the screen, so I'll leave it as-is. Thanks :3
  14. My boyfriend enrolled into the army. Not gonna see him for about a year. I'm a little worried. I hope he'll be alright.

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    2. The Ultimate Doomer
    3. AeroHail


      Oh that's pretty scary sounding. I'm sure it'll all be fine though and I hope this year will fly by for you! C=

    4. Kiruu


      I sure hope so D:

  15. I sprayed some aeroguard in my room to attempt to get rid of mozzies (we had no bug spray left, it was a last resort) and I noticed this morning it caused white speckled splotches on the casing and the screen. Luckily its not so noticeable and they don't show up when the screen is turned on, but I tried a Q-tip and a tiny amount of water and a minuscule amount of dettol anti-bacterial soap and the splotches won't shift. It's a little blurry but here's a picture: Any ideas on how to fix this?