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  1. Happy Birthday (:

  2. Thinking of selling most of my collection, dot really play with most of my tamas anymore

    1. Kitt


      As long as you hang on to your favorites- a little extra cash is never a bad thing. ^~^

    2. TamaMum


      I don't play with many of mine either. I just like having a small collection of different versions :)

  3. Im not really a fan of the Conexions series as a whole Ive never found them that interesting, hence why I only have 2 from many years ago that I never run.
  4. I was just in Toys R Us in the Uk and they had tamagotch friends for sale around the tills, they didnt have a proper display though. I took some sneeky pics :D

    1. Eternal Mametchi Fan

      Eternal Mametchi Fan

      So cool! It's amazing that they're released already xD

  5. Ahhh my tamagotchi friends is waiting for me at my local store! will be picking it up later today

  6. Oh my gosh my tamagotchi friends is due tomorrow just got a message from Amazon. I ordered 2 in the end, pink hearts and the pink one.
  7. You might not just get it early because of prime shipping, often when I pre-order from them and chose free delivery I get it a day or 2 early thats what happened with Pokemon X I love the mascot I used to have to wear a mascot suit every Saturday with one of my jobs. Im not liking that the life cycle of this version is so long, I felt that the Tamago one was too long but then again the the iDL and P's were a little too short. I wonder if they can still get married and stuff as this says they just die, like with the nano .
  8. Nooooo all my adobe stuff has corrupted :(

    1. Box


      pfft, easy fix

    2. Box


      (What's wrong with it?)

    3. neonmoo


      nothing would load without crashing there is a file missing error thingy

  9. Release for tamagotchi friends has been brought forward to 16th according to amazon :D

  10. Hmm that is quite odd it looks like the box has been left in the sun due to the shape of the discolouration.
  11. :) another dolly for my very small collection
    1. Mamapatchi


      You collect Blythes, right? I love them- but so expensive :(.

    2. SailorRosette


      Show us the dollies. 0_0

  12. Pre-ordered Tamagotchi friends today :D

  13. My hamster thinks he's a cat!

    1. SailorRosette


      Well one of my cats acts like a rabbit...

  14. Only 1 day left on the Digivice, International shipping can be provided