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    Hampshire UK
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    Tamas, Japanese, Sewing, Xbox, Blythe, bass guitar

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    iD L, Nano, Yunki Pengin, P's
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    Sebiretchi and Kuchipatchi

About Me

Hello I'm Nat, Im from South England. Im a freelance graphic designer and illustrator. I love playing bass guitar and learning everything! also Adventure Time rules!

Tams and VP's I own:
Furby 1st gen gray tabby with white tummy
Japanese Dinosaur odd pet I named Eric with
Nano Kitty Seethough Silver
Gyaoppi 2 in white
Music Star blue city

Tamagotchi Nano in blue with flowers

Tamagotchi iDL green

Yuki Pengin red with yuki icons

P1 white with blue buttons

Umino in blue

P1 pink with white swirls

Sony Funbitt

Dinkie Dino in white

Tamagotchi Melody land set. Pierces: Melody Land, Fairy, Circus, Royal Change, Love Melody, Berry Sweets

Tamagotchi friends Pink

Tamagotchi friends Pink with hearts

Want list:



Anniversary Piece



I really have the Tama bug and have been making pouches have a look ^^ and If you would like on made for you have a look at this topic

Tamagotchi Pouches



I also love Blythe dolls, collecting cameras, dress making, felt, cardboard, Dinosaurs, Animal Crossing, Xbox, Harvest moon, moustaches, Jon Burgerman collecting games consoles and anime.
I have an Etsy shop
I watch far too much anime view my list http://myanimelist.n...rofile/neonmoo