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    Animals, art, space, autumn, chocolate, cooking, dogs, God, nature, soundtracks, gaming, gold stuff, candles, pasta, photography, healthy eating, gardens, collecting music boxes, organizing, plants, peaceful and simple living.

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    1 Gold Angel
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    2 iD L (Japanese is white, English is customized and VERY glittery, originally yellow.)
    1 White P's
    1 White 4U (Pink glitter customized faceplate.)
    2 Green On Magic
    1 Yellow Gudetama Tamagotchi ;)
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    Tamagotchi P's, iD L, On and Angel. Music is really fun too but I don't own it anymore.
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    Mimitchi? I DON'T KNOW ANYMORE, but I am kind of diggin that spicy little pepper Karakutchi on the P's.
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    Tamagotchi On

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  1. TamaLey


    Thanks guys, sorry for the late reply.
  2. TamaLey


    Autumn with gudetama.
  3. TamaLey


    My twins went to magic land with their friend. ❤️
  4. I got worried that the 5.0 wouldn't work but the seller informed me that it is backwards compatible so it should work with 4.0. He wasn't able to give me a refund in time so I'll let you know how it works. I'm so impatient I want it right away LOL. I want Autumn and holiday themes for my Tama.
  5. That's so weird, I commented you but it didn't post. So let me try again. So I bought it but then panicked because I realized it says it's compatible with the 4.0. So I cancel the order and I'm waiting on that to order the other one. It's much cheaper as well so I won't feel so bad if it doesn't work. That is if the seller refunds me the other one. 😅😅
  6. Is this a good one to use? https://www.ebay.com/itm/143729474750
  7. Loved this little autumn scene. 🍂🍁
  8. Went through my account and cleaned it up a bit, deleted some inactive accounts I follow. If anyone wants to add me that's cool. My Tamagotchi On still hasn't arrived I'm so impatient. ;_; 

    1. TamaLey


      It came!!! 

    2. Penguin-keeper


      Yay! :D How're you getting on with it so far? :)

    3. TamaLey


      I'm doing good with it, can't wait to download some special stuff for it but I can't buy the Bluetooth dongle right away. I have to wait a week. ;_;

  9. Can we use Bluetooth on phones? I should have researched this more. XD
  10. Does the BLE dongle work well? Years ago I bought something like that for my iD L and it was a pain to get it to transfer things.