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    Animals, art, space, science fiction, angels, autumn, ballet, chocolate, daydreaming, dogs, god, music, nature, collecting little trinkets, charms, sweets, soundtracks, gold stuff, minimalism, noodles, photography, healthy eating, edm, and digital/virtual pets of course!

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    Tamagotchi P's, iD L and Angel. Music is really fun too but I don't own it anymore.
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    Mimitchi? I DON'T KNOW ANYMORE, but I am kind of diggin that spicy little pepper Karakutchi on the P's.
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  1. Help how do I get the good mametchi on the 4U? I am taking good care of him and he has all the skills!!

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    2. milkgotchi


      I think the tama has to be an adult for more than 24 hours. I think anyways. Also make sure you keep his happiness to the max and food at max.

    3. TamaLey


      I got it! Yeah I had to wait for him to be a little hungry and unhappy and kept feeding him the food he likes and playing with the experiment kit.

    4. milkgotchi


      Awesome! Have fun :-) Glad you figured it out.

  2. Omg you guys are right, I didn't realize on the chart that there was only one line connecting it from Fuyofuyotchi! I feel so much better now! I just assumed you can get whatever adult you want on each gender since all the others don't matter. That also explains that I pretty much got a random adult since I didn't fill out the requirements for Spacytchi either since I never ate curry rice.
  3. I had pokopokatchi and it would make sense if maybe they mixed them up on accident. I will try both methods next time. Hayden has that worked for you every time?
  4. It's weird, I took bad care and made sure to have enough care misses to get Orenetchi.. but instead I got Spacytchi which you get from eating the curry rice 5 times and I never even fed that to him? Does anyone know how to get Orenetchi?
  5. If I could have any old virtual pet that I had when I was a kid, it would be the nano dino. :( Can't find it anywhere. Been looking for years.

    1. milkgotchi


      There's some on ebay but they must be very rare because they are very expensive @___@

    2. TamaLey


      Can you link me one? I didn't see any.

      They are rare, like some fan sites that talk about nano's don't even mention or have the dino listed. I wish I never got rid of mine.

    3. TamaLey


      I meant to say I have seen them on ebay years ago but not recently. They were very expensive. :(

  6. Hi, I am wondering as well. Are there any simple guides here already posted? With the fact they switched the icons around as well I am overwhelmed too. XD
  7. Anyone else love tamagotchi but really bad at knowing the names of all the characters?

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    2. ~DreamButterfly~


      There's the green duck, the orange meme or whatever, Mametchi, snow rabbit mary sue, violin somewhat mary sue, and I forget

    3. Eternal Mametchi Fan

      Eternal Mametchi Fan

      *dies of laughter at snow rabbit mary sue*

    4. TamaLey



      OMG. XD

  8. So all color versions are Plus Color, iD, iD L, P's, 4U, 4U+?

    1. Purimatchi!


      You have Anniversary versions and in between versions as well.You have The Exile, Hexagontchi and Conan version that look like the +Color. YOu have LoveMeldo Version that were special types of the iD. The 15th Anniversary Version for the iD L. adn that's pretty much all I could think of. The P's had some that had a white faceplate and pink back, they basically mixed colors instead of it being all the same color. The 4U's had an Anniversary version release as well.

    2. TamaLey


      Thank you! Yeah I was not counting the anniversary and special editions, I want to collect a certain color of every version. I have never seen the p's with the mixed colors!

  9. Does the download feature last forever on a tamagotchi? I get so worried sometimes I will lose all my progress for good...

    1. SupahCow090


      Unless you restart or delete the item, it will remain there .

    2. TamaLey


      Is restart and delete the same thing? I don't want to accidentally delete..

  10. Thinking of getting a 4U next month, what do you guys think of it?

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    2. TamaLey


      What is the difference?

    3. Igel-Fullmetal


      The 4u+ will have more features. It's coming out next month anyway.

    4. TamaLey


      I will get it a bit later when the price goes down and there is more about it. I need to catch up though, and get the regular 4U still.

  11. Sorry, but I haven't been able to keep up with everything.
  12. Wait...the jewelry has no purpose?? I do like what I have seen though with the closeups of the sprites. (Some do look weird but the jewelry is pretty..and I don't normally like much jewelry either.)
  13. Do you think if they don't sell well in Europe, they won't come to America?? If it was a new color one, I would definitely pay more and order one, but it does seem so basic. I don't want to keep complaining about it, but I just feel it is a step back still.
  14. Aww, man I was hoping the age could go past 99..but it didn't look like there was room for a 3 digit number. Thanx for answering.