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  1. I ended up resetting, trying one more time if it gets stuck again Im sending it back
  2. My Tamagotchi On has been a child for about a week now and isnt growing. I had a similar issue on start up stuck as a baby for 7 hours before resetting. I have had to mess with the clock to put the tama to bed while Im at work and think this might have disturbed the growth? Any advice on how to get it to grow?
  3. Ran into this on amazon, thought some people might be interested...looks like they're trying to jump on the tamagotchi hype train https://www.amazon.com/stores/node/9347334011?_encoding=UTF8&field-lbr_brands_browse-bin=Giga Pets&ref_=bl_dp_s_web_9347334011
  4. Has to be a Tama Mix, it wont connect with anything else. I've tried Tama ID L, and Tama P. I have 3 mixes now and I can unlock stuff by resetting one various times to connect. You can do it as soon as you can connect.
  5. Tama Sanrio mix, and just recieved the purple spacy mix...got a 20th anni mix already...loving the mixes
  6. I think the NFC feature was neat but they did not implement it well. They could have made the base content more, then paired the NFC with a phone app game so they didnt neglect customers not near the big cities and over seas. Plus an active phone game would be neat. Like pairing it with a GeoApp instead of having daycare, so you could nfc bump the tama into idle on the egg and it could pick up gotchi points and rare food items when you pass landmarks. (Like pokemonGo or ingress) then bump the nfc to collect your stuff at the end of the day.
  7. You were right...now my tama is having a bit of an identity crisis but at least he looks like his parents...
  8. hmm is it? I thought he was adult by now..its hard to tell with their mixing
  9. the 4U and 4U+ have limited features due to the NFC function, you'd need a NFC compatible phone (app here http://mrblinky.net/tama/4u/app/ ) to unlock everything else. If you're wanting a color I'd really suggest a Tamagotchi ID L, Tamagotchi P, or Tamagotchi Mix (newest one). Regardless of all that they for sure have the color tama's in singapore since a lot of the ones I've bought have been imported from there. As for a specific store I am unsure but probably you'd find things in the toy store. You might find some discounted 4U's since they were one of the least popular colors (in my opinion.) If you find a Tamagotchi ID L english...grab that fast they seemed to be mainly in singapore when available though they're hard to come by now.
  10. So my little gotchi grew up...and looks nothing like his dad...like...he got nothing from him...Loveli has some explaining to do. I really hope that hair doesnt make a come back with the next egg...
  11. I really think Tamagotchi 4U and 4U+ killed the community. I was obsessed with my tamas for a good long time then when I got the 4U and 4U+ I played them for about a week then put them away. They were just disappointing. Now that I've come back for the Mix I feel like others did the same in shutting off the 4U and 4U+. They were just too dependent on being IN japan. Now Im sad to see how sparse the community seems to be now, and hope the mix will get some of the other tama fans back into it again. Part of the fun of these things is talking to you guys about them and trying to figure out how to get certain tamas etc.
  12. So I was hunting around because I wanted a phone with both features, and was a bit iffy about buying from fuzzy-n-chic because I didnt want to wait 3 weeks... im very impatient. I found this Sharp Aquos Zeta / Docomo phone SH-02E for about 60 dollars. Got it in 3 days and I tested it and it worked. It did have a little glitch when I rebooted it but I did a factory reset and now its working wonderfully. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00J7QNP82/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o00_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 if anyone wants to check it out, theres only 1 left right now but hopefully they'll restock. If you look else where in amazon just make sure to check the model that it has the functions. I spent a few days making sure this one had IR because the amazon page doesnt say it does.
  13. First time I took one of my tamas out at work my whole team like wanted to see it so my supervisor called a meeting and we passed it around... it was pretty funny. (I work in a call center for netflix at the moment. So we're all nerds) the boys were disappointed tamas had gotten so girly looking, but the girls really liked it, one of them liked it enough that I showed her where to get a tama P. That was a while ago now most people just like to peek at it but dont seem to mind/care any more.
  14. Trying to figure out how to marry off lovelitchi on Mix20th

    1. Hapihapitchi


      Buy a ring and offer it to whomever has a high level friendship with her! There's videos on YouTube if you're stuck

  15. So my Tama is grown and I want to start marrying her off though I want to marry her to either Kikitchi or the prince guy (unsure of his name) Im not sure what times to get to the park or castle to build up their relationship. Does anyone know if theres a chart out there for this? edit- I accidentally proposed to the prince and my tama was super embarrassed and got shot down cuz the relationship is still blue...oops