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  1. Hi I checked the tama zone list for happy stamps and didnt see any for furawatchi? Do you know how to get her happy stamps?
  2. Yay got Mametchi on the ID L

  3. Basil, spinach, tomato and mozzarella salad with olive oil. Yumm
  4. Oh okay thank you, cause I've been sitting here trying to catch every poop like a crazy person you can close the topic now. Thank you
  5. I meant 'not' catching sorry, if he poops on the floor is that a miss? He does look really happy when I catch him and I like the duck potty
  6. I have read a few other care miss questions and I know about emptying the rice bowls and friendship meter. But does not catching him going toilet count as a care miss? Thank you
  7. Meh a boy again :(

    1. steenie


      you can reset and load after your egg is hatched and try for a girl

    2. Renroo


      Ahh too late now, next time :) thanks

    3. GotchiGuardian


      I know the feeling..

  8. You know underneath the matchmaker option there are a lot of question marks? I think that's what they meant.
  9. It only matters that the parent has 4 stickers.