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  1. awesome2489

    My New Tama Log! (Music Star Version)

    Double post!
  2. awesome2489

    My New Tama Log! (Music Star Version)

    Hey, Tamat-- YAAAAAAAAAAY!!!!!!! Ow! That hurt my ears! Oh yeah, Elijah evolved! I'm now a Kikitchi!!! And I have a band with Paul the Hinotamatchi and David the Nonopotchi! I was going to log about my V5, but the battery died. I'm bored! I want to go to TAMATOWN!!! Tamatown is gone already! It doesn't work! Oh come on! I'll get the V5 batteries! See you in the next post! BYEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! Ow, my ears...
  3. awesome2489

    My New Tama Log! (Music Star Version)

    Hey Tamatalk! I reset my Tama because I messed up and made Brooke sick. I reset with a boy petitchi! His name is Elijah and is a Kuchitamatchi! Elijah: Hey everybody! I'm aiming for Mametchi or Shimashimatchi! He needs great/perfect care though. Elijah: I'm going to be Mametchi! How do you know? Elijah: I know because I can get perfect care for you! I would have to wake up at 7:00 AM to care for you and I don't want to pause you! Elijah: OK, OK, I get it. *plays with robot* Well, he's having fun and I guess I'll just leave him for now. I'll update other things later. See you in the next post Elijah: BYEEE!!! Bye!!!
  4. Hello everyone! I've been offline for months but now I came back on and made a new log! I will be doing it on my Music Star Version! My tama-go's batteries are dead so i'm doing this! Here's my tama and her stats: Name: Brooke Gender: Girl (I wanted a petitchi male!) Tama: Hitodetchi Age: 0 years Hungry: OOOX (O means filled, X means empty.) Happy: OOOX Gen: 1st Brooke is asleep right now! Aww isn't she cute? Brooke: Mmmph... Cute! Well, I'm aiming for a great/perfect care character. I'm hoping for Mimitchi!!! Well I'll see what happens tomorrow! See ya!
  5. awesome2489

    What Are You Playing Now?

    I'm Playing Pokemon Platinum and I used Action Replay and I have 5 Copies of my lv.88 Torterra! I caught 3 Mews and 1 Mewtwo with Action Replay as well!
  6. awesome2489

    Classic Pokemon (R,B,Y,G,S,C)

    I play old versions on my game-boy simulator. Silver has the dark version Lost Silver.
  7. awesome2489

    I ❤ Insaniquarium!

    I hacked mine and I now have 999999 shells on Virtual Tank!
  8. Same is with mine!!! All I can select is Portuguese and only play Kuchipatchi rafting? Odd...
  9. awesome2489

    Cool Band Name?

    Fighters -Awesome2489
  10. awesome2489

    Which tama should I get 2

    Hurry up! The voting ends: December 4th at 3:45! In the lead we have: 1st: Angel 2nd: v2 3rd: v3 4th: Ocean 5th: P1 5th: v4 5th: v4.5 5th: Morino 9th: Devil 10th: V5C 11th: Tamawalkie 12th: Deka 13th: Dino 14th: Party on! Hurry and vote!
  11. awesome2489

    I ❤ Insaniquarium!

    @Pango You should really try it! Its fun! I put this cause you replied whats Insaniquarium? Just click the link in the first post and download!
  12. awesome2489

    I ❤ Insaniquarium!

    I love Insaniquarium! It's my favorite game! If you have played it too, follow this topic! If you have not downloaded it, Download it below: http://www.bigfishga...rium/index.html It's really fun! In the game, you: -Take care of fish -Fight off bad aliens that eat/kill you're fish -Try adventure mode and defeat Cyrax -and More... You should download it today and use the coupon NEW299 and pay less! Or Try the one hour free trial and see how awesome it is!
  13. awesome2489

    Guess the Object

    A lawnmower?
  14. awesome2489

    Which tama should I get 2

    Hurry! This voting will end soon!! Tip: If I put "maybe" in front of some choices, It means either I will get it or not because either its too expensive or they could get sold out.
  15. awesome2489

    Which tama should I get 2

    Hmm... Nice idea! I will try that!