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  1. if you cannot see those images clearly, i suggest you get glasses.... thick glasses.... very thick glasses
  2. LEATHER CASE!!!!!!!! all mine :3 ill post more pics because they dont fit in one for some raisin.... (like if you were like"wtf? rasin")
  3. I bought red, orange, yellow, lime, green, white, and teal felt.... Black and White ribbon The Black is leather... i showed it to my mom when we went to Micheals, she took it and bought it.... i didnt even have to ask her... i just showed it to her saying this,"hey mom, look"
  4. my best guess is that he feels he needs a reason to sell.... ___________ on a similar note: it would be funny if he found this topic...
  5. im not worried about the fact that he selling his daughter's old toys the real question is, why so cheap? i first saw this on the bottom where the suggestion are usually at, and i was like, "now way.... there must be a catch..." and then i saw 9 bids.... i was like "JEE-ZUS" My guesses are that.... theyre haunted toys o.O he is trying to give them(the tamagotchi) a better home? make a quick buck... rentavating? not knowing true price... EDIT: if you find this offensive in any way, im deeply sorry... this is because im very curious...
  6. i know the price will blow up.... im to scared to even bid.... it looks like its at a stand still though... even if it had no value to semtimental value to him, he should at least be selling it for marketing price... im just saying, 9 bucks is a little to down then line... ____ my greenP1& my yellowP2(image on my profile) tamagotchi costs about 40 bucks together when i bought them on ebay...(they were bought seperatley $20 each) if i knew that i could get that great deal earlier, i would of slammed that buy now button.... ( too bad there is no option for that on this bid )
  7. http://www.ebay.com/...d=261126311118 :excl: all i know is that these use to belong to this one guy's daughter... sadly she passed away ... but when i saw this for 9 buck, my jaw droped!!! do you guys think something of sentimental value should be worth more... or better yet, not sold at all?? To admin: move this if you want. i didnt put in tbay cuz its not mine to sell...
  8. I'm dying to get my hands on some different types of fabric... I'm limited on my fabric inventory X-X I tried using a sewing machine, but its very difficult for me... so I'll just do it by hand and let my experience on sewing grow... my next idea was getting a red and white one and make pokeball looking pouch just for funziez.. then when I'm pro at this, I'll sell them on eBay for 5 bucks (USA) a piece...
  9. i understand i need more sewing practice, but this is my first time sewing... dont expect alot.. i prefer stitches being showed rather than having it insideout... less room in pouch when i have it that way... and i personally like it... the one on the right is my second pouch, i tried to go more evenly with the stitches...
  10. P1 is on the left ~ P2 is on the right As you can see, i made pouches for my Tamagotchi P1 & P2 I need opinions telling wether they are good, bad, okay or perfect. Tell me, ... did i do a good job? what can i do to make it better? what can to add? what to take out? Any suggestion will do.