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  1. My iD Le is in NY. It's almost home :D hopefully tomorrow or Wednesday! Super excited!

  2. Good to know Thank you!! I wished they observed it Also, if I'm allowed to ask... Who's Jason?
  3. Sill waiting for my iDLe to be shipped. I just want it her like now! :P

  4. I'm not 100% if this is related to the P's or not but: http://www.hlj.com/scripts/hljlist?GenreCode2=all&Word=Tamagotchi+deco+seal&x=0&y=0 There are two deco seals (now out of stock? Earlier it said nov release) one the lovely seal and the other a white crystal one. But if they're not related please tell me so I don't get them xD On another note, I'm SUPER excited! I didn't ore-order mine, I'm hoping these go on sale (even just a little) during cyber Monday (the Monday after Thanksgiving) But if not I'm getting one for Christmas because my dad always gives me $50-60, so this is what I'm getting this year
  5. I'll be a maybe also, assuming my iDLe arrives. It's suppose to arrive either the 29th-31st