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  1. Well,I haven't updated my log for quite some time now! (and my tamas have been on pause for a few days..) So,I'm going to update it today.. V3 Gender:male Age:1 Gen:10 Training: 5/9 (He is a hinatchi) V4 Gender:female Age:1 Gen:4 Intelligence points: 23 Style points:13 Kindness points:66 Training:5/9 (she is an ichigotchi) Tamagotchi music star (v6,right?) Gender:male Age:1 Gen:1 Tone:252 Rhythm:274 Original:241 (he is a hinotamatchi) (I don't really know how to take care of music stars...) Well..that's all for now. ~Ichigotchi
  2. Hope everyone is having a great Christmas~ Anyways,I got a music star! I haven't opened it yet though..I will soon. So,Cosmo left last night,and I named his daughter Noel. Oh! I'll also be logging my v3 now. :3 So~ V4 Gender:female Gen:4 Age:0 Intelligence points:0 Style points:0 Kindness points:0 Training: 0/9 V3 Gender:male Gen:10 Age:0 Training:0/9
  3. merry christmas everyone!

  4. Well,Cosmo will be leaving tonight,I'm gonna name his daughter Noel. Gender:male Age:5 Gen:3 Intelligence points:24 Style points:25 Kindness points:188 Training: 9/9 I hope all of you tamatalkers have a wonderful christmas! ~Ichigotchi
  5. Cosmo and my sister's mimiyoritchi had babies~ they are both girls. (i've never actually had a girl on my V4) me:well,Cosmo..how are ya feeling? Cosmo:I'm...happy. Me:..really? you don't sound like you're happy.. Cosmo: I...I just... me: you what? Cosmo: I just...I don't want to leave! i want to stay here!..i'll miss you.... me:oh..Cosmo..its..its okay,you'll get to see your father,and your fathers father! you'll be happier. Cosmo: but..what about my daughter? me: she can visit you,and eventually,when she is an adult she will be able to join you and the rest of your family,when she has a child of her own. Cosmo:....I...I..well...okay... me: don't worry,everything will be fine,I promise. ugh..my favourite V3 broke.. ~Ichigotchi710
  6. Okay,Cosmo now has a job. He works at Kindergarten..(I think?) Even though I kinda wanted him to get a different job..but the judges kept giving him three X's for every other job..so yeah. Gender:male Age:3 Gen:3 Intelligence points:24 Style points:25 Kindness points:172 Training: 9/9
  7. My favorite V3...is broken. ;~;

    1. Midorime


      What happened and what did it look like?

    2. Ichigotchi710


      Well,I put a new battery in it and then it made no sound and no icons would light up,and I could barely see the sprite of the character I had..and the screen kept going black,then that was it,it stopped working. :/ (it was yellow with stars on it..)

    3. Midorime


      Try another battery? Sometimes even new batteries have no juice in them or are defective. It rarely happens, but it does happen.

  8. Well,Cosmo has just evolved into a Zukyutchi! Yay,he'll get a job tomorrow~
  9. Well,I'm not sure about this but I think Cosmo might evolve today,but if not today then tomorrow. Gender: male Age: 2 Gen: 3 Intelligence points: 6 Style points: 24 Kindness points: 149 Training 9/9 I don't really have anything else to say right now..
  10. http://www.tamatalk.com/IB/gallery/image/5142-img-0538/ this is the photo i want deleted.
  11. I want to remove the photo that's in my gallery,but I cannot figure out how to delete it. So,if you know how to remove photos (if you even can remove them) I would appreciate it if you could tell me. Thank you. (I apologize if I've posted this topic in the wrong category.)