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  1. I'm not a huge fan of Skrillex but in his "Do da oliphant" song it sounds as if he's sampled from a tamagotchi episode! The first few voicey kinda sounds sound like Pokemon or something, but the "patchi patchi" sounds exactly like --> !! Go to 1:43 and listen to 1:56 WTF I SWEAR IT'S KUCHIPATCHI AT THE END THERE!! What do you guys think? Maybe Skrillex secretly likes tamagotchi!
  2. When I was on my first and second generation, I was able to go to tama marche and buy/sell stuff because tamagotchis would turn up there, but now, on my fourth generation a tamagotchi is NEVER there! This started on my third generation, I thought maybe it was just a problem with the gen I was on, but now on fourth, my tama just goes to the tama marche and looks left and right and starts crying because no one's there. This is only for the tama marche, pets do turn up when it's the times for pets, but on my third generation, when I had already got a pet, no one turned up at tama marche or just the play place thing at donut park. I've tried many times, and I've changed the time trying to get one to turn up... I'd understand if it was just a few times this happens, but there hasn't been anyone at donut park since my 2nd generation. Has this happened to anyone else? -ChocoKuchi
  3. I know no one will bother reading this haha, I just need to remind myself never to make the same annoying mistake again! I actually did this in the summer hols just gone... I used to have 2 v3s which I got somewhere in 2007-2008, ma got them from abroad somewhere (China maybe? :/) and I loved them. I tried looking for em this summer but only found one, a red cased v3 with a neat checkerboard design. (I think it's quite a rare design, I've never seen it before). Anyway, the battery was dead so I tried to unscrew the back... but the darn screw was stripped! I was so frustrated because I was so eager to see what it was like to play an old version again, my favorite version too. So I decided I'd do anything to get off the back. I ignored the screw and got several instruments for the procedure... A pizza cutter, a box cutter, a cheese knife (Yes, I know -.-) and scissors. So I sliced into the back of the casing using the different.... tools, hoping to break it in half or something... and I created a deep ugly cut into the plastic. Then I had an idea. I got a thin flat headed screwdriver and put it under the casing (so it was trapped between casing and main body) and I used it as a lever. And yay! The back SNAPPED off... The pesky screw fell out. But then my tamagotchi just looked horrible. I didn't wanna play with such a scruffy, dented, scratched looking thing now. I still had the red back which was the scruffy part. So I stupidly thought that coloring the plastic black with permanent marker would hide the huge cut. Yeah it hid the cut slightly but that didn't make up for the fact that it looked crap and didn't go at all with the red body of the toy. Then I had an idea. I could buy gems! And I could cover up the entire toy with them. Yeah! I spent £10 on those gems... and I got the wrong size at first so I lost £4. The self-adhesive gems kept falling off and interfered with the buttons... I just got so annoyed, I couldn't take it anymore. I had lost the rare design and £10 went down the drain, not worth it. I decided I would sell the tamagotchi on eBay, got £10 for it. I even included spare gems. Sorry tama, you went through a lot of unnecessary pain! Ah well I hope you enjoyed your 1000 mile trip to Norway... Just a sad episode in the tamagotchi part of my life! XD
  4. Age: 16 Gender: Female Country: England Comment: Please don't discontinue tamagotchi! There are endless possibilities for the development of tamagotchi as v-pets, and fans can even suggest stuff that they think would be popular in a new version maybe? This would help you know what people out there want from tamagotchi... oh, and please bring back tamatown, our v6s and tama-gos are craving new items!
  5. Oh yeah, I don't get the error 101 anymore at least, I guess they must've fixed that, but now I have the same prob as steenie. I sure hope they fix the account creation issue soon, as I'd like to make a new account Sadly it seems like this problem has been going on for a while now
  6. Hey is anyone else having a problem just trying to actually even get the page to come up? I know it appears to be down, but a few days ago I managed to log in, and then 4 days ago (just the day I got my tama-go D:) I come up with this error all the time! I'm so frustrated because it appears that most people on here are able to at least get onto the homepage... but I can't. I've tried different browsers, different computers in my house (Mac and win) and I even rang my network provider and they were no use. So is tamatown still down? p.s None of the suggestions they listed worked
  7. Yay after many attempts it's ok! I tried pushing it in harder and it still wouldn't work, but then I just blew on the connection area and banged it on the table a few times... FINALLY it worked! Thanks for your replies, so pleased it wasn't faulty
  8. Hi, I bought a black 2nd wave tama-go and I got a Mametchi figure with it, and it gave me the 'Coin catch' game which I expected. I also bought a seperate Kuchipatchi figure. I read the instructions and it said that there should be games 'Flag game', 'Vegetables' and a shop, 'Chinese Restaurant.' I also checked online. However, when connected the Kuchipatchi figure, there was only one game: 'Pattern shoot' and nothing else, no shop or 2 games like the instructions suggested. I don't know if this is a glitch, error or due to me having a 2nd wave tama-go, but I didn't think this would change anything. Are the games/shops different for wave 1 and wave 2? Oh and the kuchipatchi is sitting on a yellow glittery see-through base, in case there is more than one type of kuchipatchi figure. I connected the kuchipatchi figure BEFORE connecting the mametchi figure which the toy came with, maybe this confused the toy somehow? :s -ChocoKuchi p.s I have tried re-connecting the figure many many times, but nothing changes, still only 'Pattern shoot.' Am I doing something wrong here?